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Bob Wells

Beach Fanatic
Jul 25, 2008
Who are these folks? I have not been able to put a name with a group and obviously its not something they advertise far and wide.


Beach Comber
Jul 27, 2007
Grayton Beach Plaza
331 bridge

If you still have a home phone, you may receive a phone call about the 331 bridge. Trying to survey how to pay for the new bridge! They are trying not to make it a toll bridge but if it should be what would be a reasonable toll!! The survey ask if you would pay $5 to get over the bridge. This has always been a worry, since we knew about the new bridge. I believe that there should be at least one free bridge that goes across the bay. Alot of people live on the Freeport side and work at the beach. It is already hard enough to find workers in sowal, this will put a few people out of business. Please let the survey know this is not what we want!!


Beach Lover
May 10, 2009
Way over the rainbow
The Daily news is reporting that in order for the State to be able to widen 331 the County needs to come up with 75 million and that the only way to do it is by turning 331 into a toll bridge or an additional 1 cent sales tax.

I know that 331 needs to be widened but the idea of a toll bridge being the only way to cross the bay in Walton County seems to be a terible idea. The idea of making it harder for businesses in Walton County to compete by raising the cost of every item by 1 percent by raising the sales tax also seems wrong. I do not have an answere but 331 is a state maintained road and the state should have moved to create a four lane road years ago and now for the county to get a four lane road the state is is going to force the county to take on paying for major portions of a State Maintained road.


Beach Comber
Jun 28, 2008
331 Bridge Widening

Thank you for your comments. Quite frankly, I am ignorant regarding infrastructure finance. However, as I traverse throughout our area one has to note the new bridge built in West Bay and the new bridge that is being completed over Holmes Creek in Vernon (same highway). How are they being financed? It appears that our neighbors to the east have been put in the forefront of infrastructure improvements. Would someone please enlighten me (us) on the financing and priorities of these projects?

Rock on,


Beach Fanatic
Feb 21, 2006
Why don't they use the BP money to partially fund the county's share, it's sure to be wasted on something stupid that everybody's brother-in-law will profit from.

Lake View Too

SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
This is exactly right. Right now, because of the influx of BP money, is the right time to fund the bridge. We need a four lane bridge, which benefits everybody, a lot more than a fish hatchery.
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