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Beach Lover
Aug 1, 2006
BofA Internal Document

YoungFT, I think its important to note that page 20's graphs are addressing subprime and ALT-A loans. Realestate is local, and I don't see this projecting being accurate for our market.
The graphs represent the underlying values of homes that were underwritten by Alt-A and subprime loans.

So you don't believe that homes in SoWal were purchased using sub-prime or Alt-A products?

I agree, at the average list price of a home in SoWal, you may not have seen many sub-prime borrowers.

But Alt-A? If anything, SoWal is overrepresented in Alt-A financing. These are the non agency products such as jumbo, stated income, no income loans, low doc loans that are OVER represented in coastal areas like SoWal.

You can assume it's not relevant to SoWal, but I would not agree.

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005


Beach Fanatic
Jan 30, 2007
Dear Sheep,

Ewe up late, hard to understand...
Ewe up late, The Complete Sheep up early. :lol:

Clearly, this is an overall view of the market and all real estate markets are "local", but given that this is an internal document of the largest home financing company in America, you have to give this some weight.

Weighted data that is not local, very specific to neighborhoods, especially in our neighborhoods, are amusing reads but of little value.

This data follows no herding mentality that can be focused locally.

Simply put, it reflects nothing that drives the momentum of rising sales demand (prices) or falling sales demand (prices).

Want to know what is happening in your neighborhood, look at your corral.

Self explanatory.

Homes priced 20% or more over the few that have sold? Follow the herd. Absorption rates reflect what? Nothing unless the properties are properly priced. Properly priced? Well kept? Look at those, look nowhere else.

The subset of truly accurate data must be filtered by individual properties, their relation one to another as to pricing, quality of residence, etc.

When the herd runs wild, as they did a few years back, (e)we(s) get lost in finding their way back to the pendulum ever swinging, to the to and now the fro.

In the emotions and fever/fervor of the rise and fall of residential real estate, especially in the unique Florida markets, clean minded thinking and reviews get lost.

Summary: read only for enjoyment residential real estate opinions, the only data most homeowners need to value their properties are right there in front of their eyes.


Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
There were plenty of buyers waiting for " the bottom" and now frustrated to know that was somewhere between 12 and 24 months ago. We are on a ride up, (rules of supply and demand),and I would encourage any buyer to buy the best quality property that makes you happy, as inventory is historically low.

Lisa's post on another thread this AM reminded me of this and similar threads.


Beach Fanatic
May 15, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
Buy a property you love and need at a fair price and ignore all this nonsense.
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