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Is A casino a Good idea for South Walton

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • no

    Votes: 22 73.3%

  • Total voters

Bob Hudson

Beach Fanatic
May 10, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
And the local results of the poll I posted is:



I guess people just don't want a casino at Sandestin.

I go with the local poll !!!!


SoWal Expert
Feb 15, 2005
I can't even imagine being a Sandestin homeowner, especially one who saved for years, bought a second home in a family oriented golf and beach resort, retired there thinking things would stay the same as how the place was sold to them- and now they face their community being known for something completely tacky like a casino. No matter how the new owner of Sandestin tries to make is some sort of "upscale gaming facility", it is what it is- a casino. In an upscale, family tourist destination. It is very strange how out of touch he is with his own community.

I have relatives in Sandestin. They are not fans, and are looking to leave. Hope they can find a casino-loving buyer for their huge house. This is not the scenario they imagined when they bought their second home, then lot, then built their forever house, so many years ago.

I like the occasional trip to casinos- they are funny and tragic at the same time- a good entertainment combo. But there are plenty of casinos already located in places that are more appropriate. Sandestin needs something (not sure what), but adding a casino is definitely not adding quality.


Beach Lover
Apr 13, 2010
Why not build the casino on the Chat Holley purchase and have the county collect outrageous lease fees in perpetuity? Works in Tunica. I bet there might be an attorney or two who have been active in the area who might have some nearby land they'd be willing to sell or lease to facilitate that, though Cowford may be a bridge too far.

Toll or tax for new bridge? Heck, we might pay cash and have it gold-plated. With the left-over new tax receipts from taxing newly legalized drugs and prostitution, we can do away with the bed tax. And with vice legalized, we won't need as much in the way of jails and deputies as we might otherwise have thought. Why, this is a win-win if I ever saw one while drinking heavily before dark.


Dec 15, 2011
Personally, I think thats what this bridge issue is all about. And the powers that be have already lined up for it.
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Bob Wells

Beach Fanatic
Jul 25, 2008
I am for the bridge and against casinos. I can imagine some folks not showing up for work less than they currently do

jack S

Beach Lover
Jun 12, 2007
I think Misty has it right. The sudden push for us to buy a bridge that we don't need is related to the need to feed a casino. No bridge, no casino!


Beach Fanatic
May 15, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
Hate the casino idea, but I think we do need that bridge - not only do I hate driving over it, I was told it is mathematically impossible to evacuate Sowal during season.

Jim Tucker

Beach Fanatic
Jul 12, 2005
This forum seems to have gotten an influx of local political morons recently. Did they shut down comments on the local newspaper sites?

We have been trying to get a 4-lane road out of here for a very long time. It is desperately needed for evacuation purposes. I imagine there are only a few people who really care about having a casino around here and they own the property in question. Silly to try and tie a bridge to a casino.


Dec 15, 2011
Hate the casino idea, but I think we do need that bridge - not only do I hate driving over it, I was told it is mathematically impossible to evacuate Sowal during season.

Perhaps that's because Walton County doesn't have an evacuation plan. No one has done the math.
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