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Stone Cold J

Beach Lover
Jun 6, 2019
Quote from jodiFL "It could be quite hard to notify and get the return receipt notification"

Actually the 420 notifications under discussion are people that did indeed receive, sign, and return the green certified mail card, but had not filed to intervene yet. HOWEVER the Judge ruled that the notification itself was not sufficient so they are repeating the process again with a "new one".

When property owners called Sidney Noyes office and asked what was necessary to intervene, if they could write a simple letter of intervention themselves, and, what happens if they did not intervene. they were told the county had no answers and they should contact a lawyer.


1. How much has the BCC APPROVED to be spent on outside council to sue private property owners to take over their private property rights (right of exclusion)?

2. How much has the BCC spent on lawyers so far?

3. Is there a reduction on rate, or credit from Theriaque, since it has taken over 1 year and Theriaque still does not have a notification to send to defendants that is acceptable to the courts?

4. If the court dismisses the case, does the BCC pay the defendants legal fees, and if so, how much it is?
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kayti elliott

Beach Lover
Feb 19, 2014
Maybe the judge just doesn't want to deal with it. After all judges are lawyers and lawyers love to put things off until the last minute, unless, of course, they're chasing an ambulance.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
From the book of Matthew...."... be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

Reggie Gaskins

Beach Lover
Oct 4, 2018
Blue Mountain Beach
Hanging out this morning at Old Guys breakfast table at Donut Hole. One Old Fart asks these 3 questions. We all started furiously writing on napkins.

“I wonder how much percentage of the total Walton County property tax revenue the beachfront property owners pay?”

“What if the county really does spend $50,000,000 on suing them as FBFA Leaders have repeatedly claimed?”

“With this egregious attack on private property owners, while using their own money to attack them, only because inept county officials and hooligans are falsely telling folks that they can enjoy someone else’s private property by suing them for it... Who will the actors be in the movie that comes out telling the story about this big lie on the big screen, after the corruption is uncovered, and the county pays them back with those other citizens’ tax money?”

Our answers were hilarious on the top 8 characters.


Beach Fanatic
Jun 20, 2005
From the book of Matthew...."... be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”
Hope you don’t live in FL. A sink hole, tornado or cat 5 may be coming your way. Not sure what bible verse would apply there - same one?
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Beach Fanatic
Nov 10, 2009
IMHO (as bmbvagrant likes to say) there is no coincidence in the sudden change in bfo's demanding the power to exclude people from the beach and the history of how these beaches have always been shared. You can follow the money, follow the political influence and follow the way individual power believes in their greatness over people who just want to use the beach for shared enjoyment to find out what changed. All the issues about beach density, vending and property rights are nothing more than a way to distract and provoke us from the real issue which is that a few individuals think they have a mandate for private enjoyment of the beach. So who are the few individuals? Certainly this thread has left no doubt about how individual power will use that power to provoke, blame and shame the people who disagree with their quest for exclusion. They can not handle anyone like our little old County telling them NO or you are WRONG. So they began attacking the people. People misbehave. People want free stuff. People are taking something that is not theirs. I will never fully understand how rich people can justify what they are willing to do to get what they want. Apparently they are not told NO very much. I keep asking why is the exclusive mansions not enough that were built solid from the ground up several stories high on the sand dunes where the people gave you those permits to allow these buildings that block the views of this beautiful from the people? I have discovered what the answer is just from reading Reggie/Regina and FBB and a few others. You see when you believe in your greatness instead of earn your greatness (like sharing the enjoyment of the beach) it leads to exclusive needs and extreme justifications like the founders have mandated private enjoyment of the beaches. I think it is obvious that true greatness does not hide their identity and then provoke others. If you do not believe me just experiment with these people who hide their name and then cry out for justice to give them the power to exclude people from the beach. All you have to do is disagree with them and you will find out who they are. They will try to make you feel inferior so be prepared to stand up for yourself...

So, I expect they will shoot back and say that it is about your individual property rights. I am going to say that if you believe that then one day our beaches will be so extremely limited that you will have to make reservations just to see our beaches and driving down 30A will give you a view of wall to wall mansions...

There are answers to beach density, beach vending and beach behavior so as a community we need to be unified to solve these problems. Bfo's and non-Bfo's need to work together to find the right balances. I am not saying it is easy but when we practice civility we should be able to find a balance that works. Hiding your name and then provoking others is not the answer. The purpose of this thread was not to find any balance but to allow the rich and powerful to justify their wants for private enjoyment of the beach. The real solutions are always with real people who show up...
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