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Beach Fanatic
Jun 22, 2005
Pt Washington
My eyes are bleeding, and I have a teenager so you'd think I'd be used to the world of text. I wonder if the reason his text bill is so high is because he uses complete words?

Glad the situation with the doggie is being worked out! :D


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007

I don't think it's just that teenagers are text talking - most people spell better than that even when they drunk text :)wave:) and manage to keep the maturity level higher than this. :roll:

I would be pissed if someone took a Scooterhound on a multicounty road trip and then presented me with a $$$ bill and I had to go get them and bring them back home, but this is just ridiculous (on all sides).

All they had to do was claim the dog, mention that perhaps this was not the best way to deal with a lost dog, and if they were unable to make the trip, ask a Sowaller to bring the dog home from Jacksonville (where it shouldn't have gone in the first place IMO).

Based on what these kids post, I have no trouble believing they were doing an awful job taking care of that poor dog - but that is still no reason to "find" a dog and take it hundreds of miles away - plenty of Sowallers could have temporarily taken care of the dog or adopted it if there was a need.


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Jul 11, 2005
:eek: OK!! I am just reading this entire thread for the first time tonight........Did someone just get Punk'd???? :lol:


SoWal Insider
Apr 18, 2007
Punk'd indeed. This is a fabulous conversation with a couple of subplots going on. Luv the grown ups against teens.

Will B

Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, GA
Punk'd indeed. This is a fabulous conversation with a couple of subplots going on. Luv the grown ups against teens.

Cool...that has Leonard Bernstein / Stephen Sondheim / Westside Story overtones all over it! Sounds like that could be a cool idea for a play at the Rep!


Beach Comber
Jun 4, 2005
well, some people can't just drop everything and travel a 10 hour drive,

I have been checking this board daily to get updates on the conditions, as we are staying in Rosemary for the 4th- Today I decided to check out this post about the chocolate lab to see whether or not the "owner" was found.... and I must say that I, too hope that JESSIE HAS FOUND A LOVING HOME IN JACKSONVILLE AND WILL BE STAYING THERE! Here's why:

1. As it has been said several times, "Anniet"and "Gravy- whatever", both seem to have issues controlling their volatile tempers. That in itself makes me scared for poor Jessie. I don't care how old you are, how hormonally charged you are or what's going on in your life-- if someone found either of my dogs and was KIND enough to take them in where it is nice and cool, give them clean drinking water instead of looking the other way I would be on my knees kissing the ground they walk on! There would not be enough "thank yous" that I could offer. You should be a little more appreciative.

2. Covered in fleas "if you let them go outside"? You are joking right? Most dogs do go outside to do things like potty, sniff the grass, chase squirrels, etc. I have 2 Great Danes that are indoor dogs but when it's not too hot they like to be outside to nap in the sun and do the things I mentioned above. I would challenge you to find one flea on my dogs. You won't. It's called TAKING CARE OF YOUR DOG! Flea control, heartworm preventative, etc. For some reason I can't imagine, Jessie ever being treated for either until she was found on the beach.

3. You love your dog but Jacksonville is just too far. I am so sorry but I don't know anywhere that would be "too far" for the dog lovers I know. Personally, I think you are too young and immature to "own" a dog. Yes, I know... you don't care what I think. Did I mention that I hope Jessie stays in Jacksonville?

4. You said that Jessie had a collar on but no tags. May I ask, what's the point? It certainly couldn't be that you are walking Jessie everyday, right? Most dogs that get exercised are healthy & fit but you mentioned that she was so overweight that a car wouldn't hit her. Sweetie, let me offer you some information about animal control regulations. If you own an animal, which you say you do, you are required to keep them up to date on vaccines, primarily rabies. You are also required to have proof of this by having the rabies tag on the collar. You must keep them restrained in a fenced in yard and on a leash when in public ( which I am sure you do whenever you walk poor overweight, Jessie) & not let them run loose. Are you aware that as the owner you could be fined for not complying with these regulations? Bet you didn't know these things. Oh yeah, you're only 13 how are you supposed to know.... like I said, too young to own a dog!

Whenever I come across anything having to do with an innocent animal, particularly dogs that are not well cared for, it sets me right off. I can only, pray that Jessie ends up where she will be taken care and live the rest of her years playing, going for long walks, swimming ( as I know labs are "water dogs"), eating yummy food and resting at the feet of someone that will love her unconditionally. I have a book somewhere with quotes about dogs and the only one I ever remember is " Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole"-----

Good luck, sweet Jessie!
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