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Dec 7, 2008
Truth is mctiques has been a local dive since day one. I went when it first opened in 2009 and a few times after and I never saw more than 4 tables taken ever.Its simply a bar that caters to locals. How appealing is it to take a family there with people 1/2 drunk and smoking outside .I think marias really took a lot of local business from them


Beach Fanatic
Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
I have always had good food at McT's. Service is an issue. It is not my #1 place to go, unless I am meeting up with friends, then I am there because of them.

30A Skunkape

Mr. Small Box
Jan 18, 2006
Backatown Seagrove
Wow....Not impressed. I never like to bad mouth a local establishment, but as a local, I feel compelled spread the word about McTighe's. We had an awful experience. We waited for two hours, on table that smelled like dirty dish rag, for food that was not good. Our glasses were empty and never refilled. Our server was pleasant, and on her behalf, seemed to be hogtied by a slow kitchen. She was working the whole place...which only consists of 5 or 6 booths which were pretty much empty. I love a good pub, but this place is NOT a good pub. If all you want is a beer, this place may be for you. I think that spot could be good and we need late night dives around here, but whoever the manager is, is not doing his job. McTighe's is just gross. We'll certainly never go back. Sorry for the bad review, but this one deserved it.

It has always been the seedy underbelly of squeeky clean SOWAL. It has a purpose-late night haunt being the only real reason anyone would go there. Bar junk food is decent after you have thrown back a minimum of six beers(I am guilty of loving the tater tot nachos, yes, that is wholly inappropriate). In no way would I suggest a family go there.


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Jan 10, 2013
Also a local who loves nicks (bar only) and haney's Maria's. we where in McT's at lunch
One day and lady in charge was drinking
Boiler makers
at the bar around 1:00pm. I was told she was related. They do wipe tables with
Very dirty rags. Seen a lot of times. Not my
Go to place.


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
One of those local places (dives) where you may or may not have good service - once they had NO servers and so we couldn't stay. But seriously, some of my favorite dishes are at mctighes, every single thing is home made. Sorry you were there on a bad night Hop! I crave the fish and chips with hand cut fries. And the philly cheese steak is incredible.

Its a total local hangout late night. I experienced it once...
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May 31, 2009
i agree i've eaten there at least 5 times over the yrs and the food was good but i agree with many of the issues above such as it being dirty and service is shaky at best. i think its 95% a local bar were people eat at the bar when they get hungry

Lake View Too

SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
Never been there. A buddy of mine sez it's a good bar. Is that good enough?

Leader of the Banned

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Apr 23, 2013
You can watch television there too. Do people who go to bars really care that much about food?


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
Never been there. A buddy of mine sez it's a good bar. Is that good enough?

Try it! Best fries, good burger, everyone raves about the pizza, it is a dive but the food is truly made with care. I've always had decent service at lunch time. When Ashley is serving it's excellent service.
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