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Tanner Gray

Beach Comber
Jan 18, 2017
This is a great opportunity for anyone that has interest/experience in the restaurant (specifically pizza) industry and would like to manage their own location. The pay can be a flat monthly salary or can be negotiated into a commission style structure. The location is in a very laid-back area with live music 6 nights out of the week during the summer.

Please contact:

Tanner Gray

to discuss the position.

Job Title: Manager/Head Chef - “Seacrust” Artisan Wood-fired Pizza

Job Type: Full time - Temporary (6 months)

Job Length: March 2017 - August 2017

Location: Rosemary Beach, Florida

Job Summary: Manager and Head Chef for “Seacrust Pizza” artisan wood-fire pizza vendor located in The Village of South Walton Beach near Rosemary Beach. Candidate will be a self-motivated, responsible, and hardworking individual. Must be punctual and professional at all times. Candidate hired will oversee all cooking operations including; Baking wood-fired pizzas, packaging finished goods, ordering inventory, stocking inventory, working with front of house employees, and reporting to vendor owner.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a responsible and professional manner
  • Restocking pizza ingredients

  • Restocking pizza boxes

  • Maintaining a clean work space

  • Overseeing the employee work schedule

  • Monitoring and placing orders to keep inventory and merchandise fully stocked

  • Reporting to store owner

Qualifications: 4 - year college degree preferred but not required

Desired Skills/Experience:

  • General knowledge of wood-fired ovens

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Good understanding of independent time management

  • “Back of house” restaurant experience is preferred

  • Experience at a pizza restaurant is preferred

Salary: $3000 / month + bonuses


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