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Oh, man! The odds for this weeks games have come out. Georgia is picked by 3 over LSU. I don't think so. Georgia had problems with North Texas. :dunno:

The Florida/TN game was a disaster until Tyler Murphy (Tyler Who?) took over as quarterback. I hope his success was not an anomaly.

BTW I feel badly for Driskel.

The first time I looked up from my laptop to see Butch, he was dropping the F-bomb at the refs. Not a smart way to talk to the them, Butch. And not very professional. (People say that Muschamp did it at first; now he escapes to his headphones.) On volnation.com, it appears that Butch says this word a lot. Dude, when you feel like saying the F-bomb on national TV, violently throw down your visor instead.

Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004

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