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Beach Fanatic
Jul 19, 2008
Because the resorts are business entities that contribute much to our community and economy. They are good neighbors. Gulf front owners who kick people of their beach and put up chains are greedy bastards.
This post seems circular. Are the resorts not technically gulf front owners? Are many/most of the gulf front homes not businesses? (Vacation rentals).


Beach Lover
Apr 17, 2009
You must be renting quite a few chairs and/or umbrellas because my husband and I were just there in the spring and paid less than $200.00 for a week .... 2 chairs, table, and umbrella.

This was the one beach chair vendor for Seacrest Beach. Asked the attendant last Sunday and he said $365 for two chairs and an umbrella for 6 days. It was less than $300 at Rosemary when we stayed there last summer.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 19, 2008
$30bux a day for two chairs & umbrella in Destin. $150 Weekly rate.
I know because friends were just there at a condo and used the service.
Me thinks the Cabana Boys on 30A are skimming off some pocket cash. :lol:

Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
This is the most asinine statement I've seen on this forum.

Haven't been around long have you? :lol:

I never related to my sister and her husband who loved taking their kids to the most crowded tourists spots they could find. They are part of a fringe group known as "social".

Andy A

Beach Fanatic
Feb 28, 2007
Blue Mountain Beach
Simple answer. It's not, Enforcement is the answer. Use TDC funds to provide it instead of advertising.


Beach Comber
Jun 4, 2013
Re this situation IF you are a tourist, basically have 3 options: A) help make a change; B) adapt ; or C) move on. Everybody has to decide for themselves where they stand on this issue. I stopped going to Destin and began coming to 30A because of the crowds and four plus rows of chairs and umbrellas. I come to the beach to be at the water's edge and relax in the peace and tranquility I find there. I don't know enough about the local politics and what can be done. But if someone local wants to point me in the right direction, I certainly don't mind , respectfully, letting the powers that be know 30A is a special place and not to screw that up!
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