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Beach Comber
Sep 15, 2021
Ok. Ya'll be nice to one another now. All that I meant was that I see less demand for retail and restaurant in the future, and much of our area is already overbuilt. I'm coming at it from a business perspective, because that's my experience. I can see the financial return from having a physical presence in some kinds of business, but do we really want to see more strip shopping centers with nails, dry cleaning, 14 restaurants you aren't interested in, only to sit about 50% occupancy, or less? No thanks, already got plenty of that elsewhere. I'd rather still be able to see nature, and if a need arises, a REAL need in the future, such as emergency healthcare, then, yeah, build something.

Please don't let 4 more Dollar Generals open up in the area, to get their concentration of 5 per 50 square miles on par. Appreciate a bit more of a rural existence.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
Before you go slamming Dollar General, keep in mind they have been heavily supporting arts and charities in this area since we'll before they built a retail establishment.
New posts

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