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Beach Fanatic
Sep 19, 2005
A thread from about 1 year ago--

I have three physicians who have been waiting to just for the second quarter to buy. Another could not wait that long and purchased a home in Sandestin last month. Its not going to get better than right now, and want be surprised if you don't have a record year, no matter what the fear mongers do to scare people away. There just is no better place to be than SoWal:welcome:

..or maybe now???


SoWal Insider
Jun 13, 2005
A thread that started when I was just a pup in 2006.

For those who remembered...the last post from 2008 alluded to my old avatar "WARNING: Economic Meltdown Imminent." :cool:

I really enjoyed sparring with my old pal, Redfisher.
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