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Beach Fanatic
Oct 16, 2008
Love how none of you are from here, but think you should be able to control what happens. Why don't yall just move back from where you came.
Are you the guy with the ice cream floaty?

You don't have to live here to care about SoWal. And your assertion that none of us are from here is wrong anyhoo.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
It's all about scale.

The hippie pulling an inflatable selling ice cream is cute. 500 of the same thing isn't.


Beach Lover
Oct 3, 2008
Ya not cool if it was true. I called the company. They do not operate in Walton county.
Um, I don't know who you called, but I took the photo last week and I'm 100% sure it was in Walton County unless something drastic happened geographically and Rosemary Beach is no longer a part of Walton County?! This vendor went straight past all the Sea Oats and The Pearl chairs along Rosemary Beach and beyond. According to a conversation we had with a beach attendant out on the beach, this occurred throughout the summer - some happy about it, others not so much. Kinda like this thread. We were told the vendor used to work for Sea Oats.

My concern is as Matt said above... scale. One vendor broadcasting ice cream truck music for 10-15 minutes each pass by is easy to forget, but with no regulations enforced (or in place?) then what happens when it is 20 people with speakers and businesses dragging through the coastline.

Jimmy T

Beach Fanatic
Apr 6, 2015
What's next? A portable hot dog stand? We've got enough problems with chairs and umbrellas.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
Hope he's got a vendors license and a state sales tax license...
And he better be "Safe Serve" certified by the state if hes serving food.
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