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John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Wouldn't the business license idea apply here?
You'd need to register your hot dog stand for a small fee.

The County would then know who you are, where you operate out of and have the ability to track any enforcement violations issued to ensure compliance.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 19, 2008
Love how none of you are from here, but think you should be able to control what happens. Why don't yall just move back from where you came.
How do you know where anyone posting here is from?
And unless you are Native too are "not from here".


Beach Fanatic
Oct 16, 2008
then why did you bring heritage up
You started it with your rude comment saying none of us live here and telling us to go back where we came from. With a comment like that it's obvious you are here only to offend. That's called trolling and not tolerated. Be nice or leave this forum.

Danny Glidewell

Beach Fanatic
Mar 26, 2008
John G, the county can track businesses and certainly track violations and compliance without charging a business tax/license. The internet and Excel can do that very cheap and mon-intrusive in a very short time period.
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