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Beach Fanatic
Apr 3, 2009
So sad. There is no Okaloosa Walton School district - did you attend schools in each county? Which ones?

Matt J

May 9, 2007
The State of Florida allows corporal punishment. That said every school district is required by that same law to allow for an opt out. Every year the parent(s) must submit in writing that their child is not eligible for this type of punishment.

joe Maxwell

Beach Crab
Sep 23, 2013
Until we have National legislation outlawing this school violence parents do indeed need to "opt out." That said in itself in no way prevents this cruelty from happening. Antiquated laws protect these bullies from civil and criminal liability, so as the years pass they become more brazen with time and feel they are immune. They are NOT. More "creative" lawsuits are being filed across the country to hold these abusers accountable for their actions. We must also press organizations such as the ACLU, and Human Rights Watch to target and monitor these schools and backward school systems where these assaults are prevalent. And,, then there is always good Ole' fashioned American Revenge.

Leader of the Banned

Beach Fanatic
Apr 23, 2013
It's only legal to hit someone if they're children and you outweigh them by 100 pounds. Otherwise it's assault and battery and charges can be brought against you. As bad as that is, I can't' see giving this privilege to strangers who don't have the child's best interests at heart. Spanking is an activity that should be practiced by consenting adults, no more. Well, maybe with occasional exceptions, adults hitting kids should be taboo. I certainly think there is something seriously wrong with any adult who would be willing to strike someone else's kids. People like that are sick and shouldn't be allowed to teach, and school systems that allow and even condone that activity are sick and shouldn't be allowed to exist.
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