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Sarah Moss

Beach Lover
Apr 5, 2006
Black Creek
We have dined with our dogs on the patios of Wine World in WaterColor, Johnny Mctigues in Blue Mountain and Hurricane Oyster Bar in Grayton. If you're out near Panama City Beach, Salty Sues allows dogs as well. They are also welcomed at Bass Pro Shops in Destin. Funny is when they spot the wild animals (stuffed, or whatever they are called). This is a great time of year because the car doesn't get dangerously hot.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 8, 2009
Stone's throw from Inlet Bch
Dang- so nothing came of tourist temporaries. What about anywhere else? I don't want to limit Sophie to dog parks!
Not yet, but the county commissioners may decide to put a provision for temporary dog beach permits for tourists in the Beach Activities Ordinance, which is being revised. This is on the agenda for discussion at the Jan. 8 county commission meeting.


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
REPEAT... there are many places to explore and hike with your dog in parks, towns and neighborhoods all around South Walton! You are no more limited here than back home. In fact, there may be more places to walk and discover here than anywhere else... AND if you know when, where and how, you can take a secluded beach excursion too but I did NOT say that. IF you are talking offleash then that depends a lot on you, your dog and where you are exploring - just like back home.
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Beach Fanatic
Sep 6, 2009
Blue Mountain Beach
The Great Southern Restaurant has a large outside deck with a long bar and table and chairs to eat at. They allows dogs. I take mine there all of the time and see others with there dogs as well. On New Year's Eve my dog and I were there as well as two yorkies all bundled up in their winter atire. You can sit at tables or the bar. I also take my dog (he is small) to a lot of the shops and no one minds that either. I always make sure he goes pee pee and poo poo before he can go in and he lets me know when he has to go. They are very friendly there and welcome all dogs. It is located in Seaside. The outside is enclosed in plastic in the winter so it is not cold in there at all. Go and have a nice time. The food is great to.

Unfortunately, we had to move away from SoWal :sosad: But, we are back quite often for vacation and I realized I don't even know where my dog is allowed. She is a happy Springer Spaniel at about 40 lbs. Are there any friendly outdoor restaurants or bars? Are there tourist dog permits for the beach yet? We did visit the new dog park in Destin- very nice! Thanks! Attached is a pic of my super muddy puppy, Sophie :) Merry Christmas everyone! View attachment 29815


Beach Fanatic
Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
Shorty's in Grayton welcomes dogs on their porch and has a water bowl out there for them. Just beware of the 2 legged dogs hanging on the porch as well.


Beach Lover
May 24, 2008
You can dine with your dog on the outside patios at Wild Olives and Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary Beach.
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