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How To Get A Walton County Beach Driving Permit

May 5, 2020 by SoWal Staff

For this year, all driving on the beach permits until August 1st, due to limited county operations because of COVID-19. The beach permit lottery application process will begin later than usual, on June 1st.

Click here to apply on the Walton County website.

For a high-level overview, please see the Beach Driving and Charter Fishing Permits 2019 fact sheet.

Driving on the beach is primarily allowed on Grayton Beach, and two different types of permits are available, one for driving only, and one for driving and launching a boat. Driving on the beach is also allowed on a 66-foot stretch at the Phillips Inlet Access at Inlet Beach on South Walton Lakeshore Drive, which doesn't allow room for parking so it is used as a boat launch and drop off site.

In the past beach driving permits were available to all Walton residents, but the rules for driving on the beach have changed in recent years.

Walton County holds a lottery for 150 one-year beach driving permits available only to county residents and property owners. The Walton County Beach Activities Ordinance 2019-06 outlines the procedures for applying and receiving a permit to drive on the beach.

The lottery limits beach driving access, while providing residents with an opportunity to take part in driving on the beach. Lottery winners and grandfathered permit holders pay $135 for the one-year permit. Grandfathered permits are available to Walton residents and property owners who have had a permit since before the lottery started. If the grandfathered permit holder fails to renew their permit they lose grandfather privileges would have to enter the lottery the next year.


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