Let's Talk Sustainability at Seaside Institute Dec 11: The Washed Ashore Project

December 7, 2017 by SoWal Staff

Join the Seaside Institute for the next Let's Talk 30A Sustainability meeting: The Washed Ashore Project on Monday, Dec. 11 from 4 til 6pm. Let's Talks: Sustainability series takes place throughout the year in the Assembly Hall located on the Seaside Institute Academic Village campus.

The Washed Ashore Project is an organization based in Bandon, Oregon that collects trash from beaches and turns them into beautiful pieces of art! These works of art are used to educate the public and inspire change. The Seaside Institute and The Washed Ashore Project are collaborating on a presentation this December. We have big plans for 2018 and we need you to come out and get involved.

Ready to see some real change on 30A regarding our sustainability efforts? We are too. Join us this December to learn more about the Washed Ashore Project and what the Seaside Institute plans to accomplish in the coming years. The Washed Ashore Project
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead We collect trash that has been removed from beaches through volunteer community cleanups. This trash is then washed, sorted and prepared for the creation process. Each sculpture is designed and directed by a professional artist and then formed through a collaboration of Washed Ashore team members, volunteers and students. A work of art is born. From tons of plastic pollution, monumental sculptures have arisen to awaken the hearts and minds of viewers to the marine debris crisis. Art pieces and educational programs travel the nation to inspire change in consumer habits. People working together CAN create results. This project proves it! Almost every day, people drop off their collected beach debris at the Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education.

Since our launch in 2010:
90% of marine debris is petroleum based
95% of all debris collected is used in the artwork
300+ miles of beaches cleaned
60+ sculptures have been created
38,000 pounds of marine debris has been processed
14,000+ hours have been contributed by volunteers
10,000+ volunteers have participated

The 30A Sustainability Project is the newest initiative at the Institute. If you are interested in volunteering, joining a committee, sponsoring or speaking at an event, please contact us today!

The Seaside Institute helps people lead interesting rewarding lives. The mission, unchanged since 1982, is to help people create great communities.

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