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Beachside Centerpiece Of New Urbanism

Seaside is the picture-perfect little town where you can reach every shop, restaurant, art gallery and more by foot or bicycle. You'll delight in discovering the unique shops, beachfront accommodations, galleries and more in Seaside.

Seaside made a giant splash in the architectural world when "developer Robert Davis achieved the most astonishing design achievement of its era," according to Time Magazine. The new movement in land planning, known as New Urbanism, contains narrow streets, unique picket fences and homes tightly knit to encourage walking and promote a community feel.

It was the first of its kind, creating the model for towns across America. Seaside's "walk-to-anywhere" design works to bring necessary shops and services to its residents and guests, including a post office and a school. Seaside, Florida is home to a gourmet food market, multiple art galleries, and small boutiques all centered around a town square with an outdoor amphitheater.

Park the car and rent bicycles to explore this wildly successful pioneering town, featured in the 1997 motion picture The Truman Show. For the cultural-minded, visit the REP Theatre.  Hailed as Northwest Florida’s premier professional theatre company, the Rep has built itself into a first-rate regional theater, attracting some of the finest talent from around the country.

Landmarks in Seaside: Unique dune walkover pavilions at the end of each street, Perspicacity outdoor shops, Bud & Alley's restaurant, Central Square, Ruskin Place, Sundog Books, and Modica Market.

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