Seaside Park & Ride on the Free Shuttle

February 24, 2023 by SoWal Staff

Here are the updated details for the free Seaside Shuttle on Scenic 30A - tucked away on the east side of Hwy 283 in Grayton Beach, just across from the Shops of Grayton, is a large parking lot where you can park and ride Seaside’s free shuttle.

The free parking lot is just north of the Scenic 30A intersection in Grayton Beach. The parking area is available both to the public and to Seaside employees. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes from 6AM until midnight every day.

Of course if you are visiting Grayton Beach, the lot is also the best place to park, and there is a county shuttle to and from the beach, and the Red Bar. Or it is about a 15 minute walk. The parking lot is a good place to park and ride your bikes also.

Updated by Seaside for 2023:

After numerous parking and traffic studies, input from well-renowned parking consultants, and three implementations of various paid parking methods, the pay-by-the-hour rate structure launched in 2022 offered the most flexibility and ease of use for our guests. Beginning March 1, the hourly paid parking program will be in effect. Parking rates will vary by day, occupancy levels, and events. This allows us to maintain proper vacancy levels so visitors have available parking to use and ensures that the parking is most efficiently managed.

Similar to last year, the paid parking experience will have guests park their vehicle on Smolian Circle. Upon arrival, you will notice signs placed around Smolian Circle letting you know what zone you have parked in. Input your license plate number and payment information, then head into Seaside to enjoy your day! We encourage visitors to download The Passport Parking app in advance for a simple parking experience. The Passport Parking App can be downloaded here.

Once on board, the bus will whisk you away and traverse along Scenic 30A, crossing two beautiful Western Lake bridges.  The view is stunning and it’s always fun to watch runners, walkers and bikers as they make their way along the Timpochee Trail which extends the length of the highway.

Next, you’ll travel briefly through WaterColor before entering Seaside. The various Scenic 30A communities are all relatively close to one another. Entering Seaside, if you look quickly to the North (left), you’ll see the top of the Truman House deck on Natchez St. The house, easily recognized from the street by its bright yellow and pink-colored deck, was made famous by The Truman Show where Seaside was turned in to the fictional town of Seahaven for the film production.

Continuing through Seaside, you’ll soon be at your drop-off point just South of the Seaside Neighborhood School, right in the middle of all that awaits you. Whether you are visiting Seaside for the casual or fine dining experience, checking out the unique art galleries, shopping at the unique Seaside shops, having your photo taken in front of the cool little Seaside Post Office, you’ve ARRIVED and with no worries, knowing that you’ll get back to your car the same way. On our last Shuttle ride, the trip from the parking area to the Seaside drop took 7-1/2 minutes.

If you throw in the convenience of not having to deal with traffic or find a parking place, this no-hassle option is all thumbs up!


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Is the shuttle from Grayton to seaside still running?
Yes it is.
My brother is in a air B&b in Watercolor. They didn't realize they are overc2 miles from a beach or anything and stuck with no transportation. They can't bike because the kids don't know how to ride a bike yet. Does your shuttle pick up from Watercolor anywhere ar do you have ANY recommendations for transportation? The golf carts are all booked and its $1,000. + for a rental car! Please help! Thank you 972-489-6889
He can park at the Van Ness JR public access between WaterColor and Seaside. Or any other public access with parking. Or park at the Grayton public parking lot on 283 and take the free shuttle to the beach.
Are masks required on the shuttle?
Not at this time.
What's the address to this public parking area?
Does this parking area allow for overnight parking? Trying to find public parking since my condo only allows for 2 cars
Public parking in South Walton does not allow overnight parking. Parking in SoWal is limited and you should not bring more vehicles than you have spaces at your rental. Unfortunately, many of the rentals in South Walton do not have enough parking.
Is the Seaside Shuttle running still? Are the hours the same?
Yes it is running but there is also free parking in Seaside this off season.
Is the shuttle still running?
What times does the Seaside bus come to Grayton transportation center?
According to Seaside: The Seaside Shuttle picks up from the public parking lot on 283 South, directly across from the Shops of Grayton (Hurricane Oyster Bar & Grill and Black Bear) located in Grayton Beach from 6 a.m. to midnight. You might check directly with them if it is critical for you - Most employees at Seaside park in Grayton and ride the shuttle so it should be consistent.
Hi ! Wondering if the shuttle picks up at Grayton at certain times or is it random? If there is a schedule could you please share. Thank you !!
Time varies but about every 20-30 minutes.
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