SoWal Lunchtime: Red Fish Taco in Blue Mountain Beach

Lunchtime at Red Fish Taco is a festive affair!

We like to hop over to the Blue Mountain Beach eatery as often as we can to get our fix of fun and tacos. Seems like too long since our last visit. If you haven't been to the hot spot in Redfish Village (where Trebeache' used to be), they’ve really brightened the place up. Whitewashed walls bounce light around the room and our favorite Justin Gaffrey pieces are still bringing the outside in.

North Beach Tortilla Co. Opens On The Bay

Chef Jim Shirley has expanded his collection of popular SoWal restaurants with the opening of North Beach Tortilla Co. (NBTC), a taco and tequila bar on the bay at the 331 bridge.

Excellent sunset views and happy hour offerings already have us hanging out regularly on the white sand beach, working to disprove (prove?) the slogan painted over the beachside bar, "Tequila Always Wins."

Shaka Sushi and Noodle Bar Rolls with Good Vibes

Shaka Sushi and Noodle Bar is the place to hang loose and catch some positive vibes in Inlet Beach.

In addition to sushi, the menu features sashimi and nigiri, small plates, poke bowls, bento boxes, and ramen. The flavors of the menu might be complex, but the space itself is cool and clean, much like your palate after a bite of pickled ginger.


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