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April 7, 2014 by Audrey Johnson

With a professional design staff and a vast inventory of furniture and fabrics, Luxe Home Interiors in Miramar Beach helps homeowners achieve a look that reflects their own unique style. Culminating life experiences into a design project can be daunting, to say the least. But the trio of ladies at Luxe in Miramar Beach have over 65 years of combined experience and bring visions to life with ease.

Owner Bab's Sullivan has been in the furniture business since 1993, first as a Norwalk Furniture franchisee. After Norwalk’s unexpected bankruptcy, she and a group of owners formed Luxe Home Interiors and pushed forward. Now, she serves her clientele with high-end home furnishings while specializing in custom design.

As a leader, Bab's is upbeat, energetic, and resourceful. She acknowledges that her design team is capable of great work, and she provides the support and resources necessary to fulfill clients’ requests and stay within budget.

“I have designers that are full time, and I run the business while they do the designing. They’re quite qualified, and mostly what I do is help them find resources for projects they’re working on,” Bab's said. “Maybe a client is looking for something that looks like X but they don’t want to pay more than Y, so we fit their need into their budget.”

Designer Margaret McMullan creates moments with rich detail that evoke calming emotional responses. Her sophisticated design sensibility balances her native California vibe with the European elegance that she came to love during her travels. She holds a Masters in Fine Art from the University of California, and has over thirty years of experience as a designer and commissioned artist.

“What I do is a lot of custom bedding, drapery, and furniture, and I try and do it in an innovative way. A lot of people think because they’re by the coast it has to be white linen and blues, and I always tell them they can do more. I try and give their own little twist,” Margaret said.

Originally from Tuscaloosa, AL, Lisa Pearson Hicks attended Parsons in New York City before opening her own design studio on the Gulf Coast. She went on to specialize in tile design and worked in the construction industry where she became LEED accredited. Lisa brings 16 years of design experience to Luxe, and her hard work has paid off. Eighteen of her projects have been published in national and regional magazines, including Southern Living, Coastal Living, Southern Accents, and Coastal Lifestyle, to name a few.

“I just kind of navigated my experience and chose where I wanted to be. I love working with individual clients and helping them achieve what they want,” Lisa said. “One thing I pride myself on is being as good as my resources.”

In addition to an experienced design team, Luxe Home Interiors carries dozens of furniture brands to meet the diverse needs of clients. Most of the upholstery is custom made in the United States and delivered within 4-5 weeks.

Whether a home’s sensibility is modern, coastal, or somewhere in between, Luxe Home Interiors in Destin can create a refined look that tells the story of the people who live there. Solutions range from crafting custom furniture that defines a space, to fashioning unique bedding and window treatments, and they can even reupholster a piece of beloved heirloom furniture.

Luxe Home Interiors provides design consultations at 12170 Highway 98 West, Miramar Beach, Florida 32550. Contact Luxe at (850) 654-1155, visit their featured page in SoWal Shopping Guide | Luxe Home Interiors.


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