SoWal Holiday Gift Guide - Give a Piece of South Walton

December 19, 2011 by SoWal Staff

What better gift for the holidays than a little piece of South Walton? Here's a quick list of highlights for you last-minute shoppers looking for an authentic SoWal gift.

There's a lot of great music in the SoWal Area but homegrown Dread Clampitt's style of bluegrass meets the beach has wide appeal.

You can't go wrong with a tee shirt or other gear tagged with some form of South Walton, whether a brand, restaurant, bar, photo, or beach graphic - there's plenty of places to buy them on or offline.
Stinky's Fish Camp, Blue Mountain Liquors, Central Square Records

Don't forget your SoWal beach gear and SoWal photo calendar at, and SoWal framed photos and gift cards at

The original, iconic leather and pearl jewelry, La Vie Est Belle is on the square in Seaside.

Some of the most creative, fun, and authentic art in South Walton by Kris Meigs, Teresa Cline, And Deborah Orr. |


Tickets to the 30A Songwriters Festival on January 13-15, 2012.

Every time you crack the book 30A Style, the lucky person you give it to will say ahhhhh.


A massage gift certificate from For The Health Of It in Blue Mountain Beach.


Standup paddling is all the rage and no one rages harder than our local YOLO folks - get boards and accessories at their warehouse on north 393.

The Kitchenique Cooking School Cookbook from Vicki McCain is a treasure from one of SoWal's greatest past times - an evening in the cooking school is one you'll never forget with great food, wine, amd friends so make sure you add a gift certificate!


You can't go wrong with a gift certificate, and most of our local stores and restaurants offer them. They make great stocking stuffers!


Fusion Art Glass and Jewelry is among the finest in the world.


For more ideas, check out our South Walton Shopping Guide -
and our great SoWal-area shopping destinations -


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