"You're So SoWal If..." Presenting Our 2015 Winners

November 3, 2015 by admin

The judging is complete and the official results are in for our 2015 "You're So SoWal if..." contest!  Thank you to everyone who sent in entries to make this another great year from readers across the country. Beach lovers near and far know and love South Walton beaches!

This is the 5th year of our contest and every year we appreciate the creative, funny, and heartwarming entries. Thanks to everyone for sharing what SoWal means to you, especially our loyal SoWal Forum members.

We hope you enjoy reading the winners and top entries as much as we have!

Our 2015 Overall Winner  
You're So SoWal if ... you'd like to tell Truman to stop whining and have a Margarita!
- Dawn

First Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... you stay married to your husband so you don't lose your beach permit.
- prefers to remain anonymous (and married)

Second Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... you have a bear in your front yard and a shark in your backyard.
- Heath Reaves


All the finalists for 2015, You're so SoWal if...

  • you leave town in the summer. Bob Rouse
  • you renew your dog beach tag before you renew your license plate. Brandon Stacey
  • Your dress up shoes are wedge flip flops. Molly Parker
  • You have sand in all your cracks. Gene Tunston
  • you never go to the beach but you have sand in your purse. Audrey Johnson
  • You'd rather be at the beach in south Walton county Florida than Turks and Caicos or any other exotic beach in the world. Elaine Walker


You own a DVD of Coastal Dune Lakes, Jewels of the Emerald Coast


  • if you get invited to the Hamptons but say, No thanks, if I'm going to a beach it has to be a beach in South Walton County Florida. Elaine Walker
  • You know how to build a 3 1/2 foot tall sandcastle complete with arches and walls Capri Mungeam
  • there's enough sand on the floorboard of your car to build a sandcastle. Capri Mungeam
  • you've punched in more hours at the Red Bar and Bud& Alleys, than at your actual job. Ali Diamond
  • sandy floors aren't a nuisance, but rather a way of life. Ali Diamond
  • EVERY DAY, the first thing you do after logging on to the computer is checking out the SoWal webcam of my winter home. Sue Cull
  • thinking of creative ways to kill yellow flies brings a subtle smile to your face. Doug Knight
  • You swim with your beach chair to the sand bars to catch some rays in the beautiful gulf. Crystal Neece
  • all the troubles in the world seem to sweat away when you arrive. Mary Lynn Kirkland
  • your 20/20 is on 30 with a 5oclock somewhere smile martha nelson
  • Your So SoWal if...: you wake up and your really in Paradise it wasn't a DREAM, but a DREAM COME TRUE. Jeff Lutz


Your view always includes a sailboat.


  • You ride a bike 7 days straight and no other time of the year. marissa tinoco
  • If you stay off the roads on Saturdays in the Summer . . . Mark McCarty
  • Everything you own is covered in stickers you pick up from all the hot spots you visit Gina Keller
  • You eat Pizza by the Sea everyday while on vacation Gina Keller
  • You can't wait to get some Stinky' s for dinner. patsy styles
  • you have sand in your toes, your hair, your bags, your car, your shower... there's not a place you DON'T have sand! And you're perfectly ok with that! Liz Delaney


Floppy hats and towels are really all you need.


  • you've attempted to venture to Destin in the summertime but turned around and scrapped your mission. Sarah Murphy Robertson
  • winning the lottery means getting a beach permit. Sarah Murphy Robertson
  • You dream in WaterColor. Jo Ann Elrod
  • You get pumped when you cross the bridge on Hwy. 331 headed toward Hwy. 98!!!! Kim McDaniel
  • Your car has a layer of white dust all over it all summer long from riding the back roads! Laura Lee Sparks
  • Your first thought when shopping for a new vehicle is where your SoWal sticker will go. Natasha Kaufman
  • ...the first thing you think of when you want to go AWOL is SoWal! Karl Kiss
  • matter where you are, your happy place is always SoWal. Karl Kiss
  • You've been on the beach so long you don't know if you're watching the sun rise or the sun set. Kerri Johnson
  • You intentionally leave some sugar sand in your suitcase until your next visit. Elizabeth Moseley
  • You buy your soap and beauty products off the back of a bicycle Celeste Cobena
  • You don't know what your body looks like without tan lines. Jennifer Davis
  • have sand in your floorboards, sunburn on your nose, and a regular seat at The Red Bar. Elaine Parrett
  • You choose the color of your swimsuit to match the days beach warning flag. Connie Satovich
  • You know Captain Larry, and just why he is so amazing! Katherine Duck


Your pups know all the coolin' off spots. Ann Scott


  • you know who Hector is and where to find him. Cathi
  • Sand in the sheets just means your doing it right!!! Bubba Hunter
  • You keep watching the videos over and over because you love to see the water and hear the ocean. Kimberly Hayes
  • You wear Flip Flops to work, church, and anywhere else you can't go barefooted! Bubba Hunter
  • you got married at Seaside Pavilion over 13 years ago and come back to visit at least once a year. Mary Lynn Kirkland
  • Happy hour is a drink in hand, taking delight, as the yellow flies alight, on the black ball in the oak tree. Laura Lehr
  • your 30A bike ride ends up being one-way due to all of the fun drink spots along the way. Cathy Clendennin
  • You're a full time resident of SoWal Eve andriola
  • You keep a SoWal suitcase permanently packed with beach gear for your next SoWal trip in 2016. Wendy Schuler
  • You get annoyed when you are stuck driving behind tourists doing the speed limit of 25 mph and completely stopping at every crosswalk along 30A. Rebecca Morrison
  • biking all eighteen miles of the 30A bike trail in one day is one your bucket list! Irene Cyburt
  • you dream of slurping down oysters on the half-shell at Hurricane Oyster Bar's Happy Hour! Irene Cyburt
  • Your house has several signs that say It's five o'clock somewhere! Irene Cyburt
  • you hung out at Patrones on Grayton's DeFuniak Street. Bill
  • you remember when Grayton Beach had gravel roads and a gas station stood near the location of the Red Bar. Melanie Williams
  • You have bathing suits on your Christmas list Grayton
  • You own a house on the beach BUT you're NOT running for President Louis &j Judy Davidson
  • You have nothing to do...and all day to do it in Louis & Judy Davidson


You've ever been in a sandy selfie circle.


  • You drink triple, see double..& act single Louis &Judy Davidson
  • all your shower stuff stays at the outside shower. dave kellenberger
  • Your 4 seasons are Cobia, Snapper, Flounder and Snowbird........ Larry Pentel
  • ...salt is the only thing that will lower your blood pressure. Karl Kiss
  • your profile picture on your FB page is a photo of the SoWal beach with crystal clear waves gently breaking. Burns Carnes
  • If you count waves instead of sheep. Mardi Angevaare
  • Cleaning house is only for rainy days! toni david
  • you'd choose a fishing license over a driver's license. mike jones
  • Your rebel flag is a pirate flag. mike jones
  • you hate signs and fences on the beach andy a
  • You have a grandfathered beach permit. old school
  • You prefer to be sober never. jenksy
  • You hit the beach on July 5th to clean up fireworks. bentley williams
  • More people know your dog's name than yours. dawn
  • You know Alys Beach was once named Somerset Beach. mike jones
  • If every summer you yearn for the start of school. mike jones
  • You're So SoWal if you know what GOBB is and where. jenksy
  • You can no longer keep up with all the new restaurants opening. mike jones
  • You say every summer that it's the hottest summer ever. dawn
  • you leave a layer of sand in your Jeep to remind you of home. carson
  • People give you the thumbs up on Hwy 95 in South Carolina because of your SoWal sticker! carson
  • You know people by their dogs. carson
  • You have a few private beach signs in your yard, which is 5 miles from the beach. abby prentiss


All of your descendants are called Beach Brats. Pauline Bo Rentrop (see story & photos from 45 beach years)



All the go to festivals (30A songwriters, SRWF, arts quest etc...) are marked on calender for 2017 as soon as dates published!
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