Tropical Storm Andrea Heads to Northern Gulf

Our first named storm of the 2013 Atlantic season has formed in the Gulf and is expected to pass to the east of South Walton. Dry air in the western gulf should keep Tropical Storm Andrea from strengthening much, but we are already getting monster surf in SoWal

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We are currently flying double red flags - no swimming! Read more about beach and water safety, and our beach flag system.

Sea Turtle Update After Hurricane Isaac

Before Hurricane Isaac passed by SoWal on his way to New Orleans, South Walton’s sea turtle nests (not including nests in the State Parks) numbered 96, which was a record for our area. Since the start of this year’s turtle nesting season, there were 59 nests that had either hatched or been dug for evaluation before Isaac. Tropical Storm Debbie had previously washed away 3 nests.

Hurricane Isaac Photos and Video

As Tropical Storm Isaac veers off his SoWal bullseye and heads west to become Hurricane Isaac, the city of New Orleans braces for a direct hit nearly seven years to the day on which Hurricane Katrina devastated the crescent city.

Eerily, Isaac has stalled just off the Louisiana coast as if wanting to make his entry into the city exactly on the seventh anniversary of Katrina.

As hard as we try, hurricanes are unpredictable.

The Latest on Hurricane Isaac

All businesses and restaurants will be open by tomorrow. Only a handful closed for more than a day or two. 

As of Wednesday evening beaches are still officially closed as the South Walton TDC continues to pick up debris on the beach. There wasn't much of it, some pieces of walkover here and there.

Many turtle nests have been lost but it remains to be seen how all will fare.

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Point Washington Resident Creates Weather Underground Station

Point Washington native Gid Godwin has put his technical skills to work by constructing and connecting an official weather station as part of Weather Underground's network. Data from the site can be accessed at:
The next closest stations to Santa Rosa Beach are in Freeport and Miramar Beach.

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