Big Love with Big Country and Kristen at Eden Gardens State Park

Kristen Baggett and Brian “Big Country” Peterson are two fun-loving SoWal locals who met three years ago at La Botana in Seagrove while out with friends. The introduction and conversation which followed was a “love at first meet” scenario - they each met their match. The three and a half years that followed brought these two lovebirds together in a way that is unheard of in this day and age.

Be Blissful in the Backyard of Love at Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse

Getting hitched like a local is effortless in the Backyard of Love, behind Hibiscus Coffee and Guest House. Located in the heart of Grayton Beach, this whimsical little gem embodies the very spirit of the area. There are many places in SoWal to tie the knot, but if you want a more intimate setting, look no further than the Backyard of Love. With seating for 80 people, this is the perfect place to host your wedding events.

Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse Better Than Ever

For innkeeper Stephanie Vantassell, recent additions at Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach are nothing more than normal growth for her popular gathering place.

The courtyard and gardens of the Grayton Beach landmark have always been perfect spots to enjoy the vegetarian breakfasts Hibiscus serves, but recent enhancements have set the stage for concerts, Sunday brunches with a purpose, parties and weddings.

“The Inn is growing organically,” Stephanie says. Now the outdoor areas are used to provide a setting for larger events.


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