Eden Gardens State Park Christmas Candlelight Tour Video

December 27, 2010 by Murray Balkcom

See Eden State Gardens come alive with Christmas lights, costumed tour guides, and  hundreds of luminaries lining the drive and paths around the mansion.
The focal point of the 161-acre park is the beautifully renovated,  two-story Wesley Mansion with its elegant white columns and wraparound  porch.
The moss-draped live oaks and ornamental gardens inspire visions  of hoop skirts and landed gentry.
Named after a wealthy Florida timber  family, the park is part of the family's estate. In 1963, Lois Maxon  bought and renovated the home, creating a showplace for her family  heirlooms and antiques. The house holds the second largest known  collection of Louis XVI furniture in the United States. Visitors can  also take a stroll along the grounds and enjoy the picnic area.

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