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Seaside, The City Of Ideas - Video by American Makeover

August 24, 2013 by SoWal Staff

This video was posted in the SoWal Forum earlier this year and it's a great overview of some of the design principles that are the foundation of Seaside, South Walton's first and most famous new urban town.

Explore the city they call "the cradle of New Urbanism" with the man who helped design it 30 years ago, Andrés Duany. In Episode 2 of American Makeover, Duany 'interprets' Seaside on a walking tour, showing how many of the groundbreaking ideas it birthed were almost accidental byproducts of an attempt to build a town while totally avoiding debt...aka incremental urbanism.

American Makeover is a six-part web series on new urbanism, the antidote to sprawl. Subscribe to this channel, find us on facebook, and get more info at www.americanmakeover.tv.

Directed/Shot/Edited: John Paget | PagetFilms.com
Producer: Chris Elisara
Creative: Drew Ward

Andrés Duany, Principal Partner, Duany Plater Zyberk & Company
Mark Schnell, Schnell Urban Design and Seaside Walking Tours

Filmed on location in Seaside, Florida.


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