Sounds of Grayton Beach Video

May 21, 2010 by Kurt Lischka

Video and Art by Edmond Alexander There is no doubt about it. Grayton Beach is one beautiful slice  of Heaven. We moved our medical illustration studio from Dallas,  Texas to Grayton Beach, Florida in 1987. From 1987 until 1994 Grayton  Beach was very much undiscovered and undeveloped. When we arrived in  October of '87, life in the sleepy little coastal village was much as it  had been for decades: enormous natural beauty with very few visitors  and fewer residents.
With the exception of Memorial Day, the 4th of  July and Labor Day, we found the beaches, dunes and surrounding forests  pristine, quiet and mostly deserted.
In 1995, "Dr. Beach" discovered  Grayton Beach State Park (surrounding the village of Grayton Beach on  the north, east and west sides) and designated Grayton Beach the most  beautiful beach in the United States. The rest is history.

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