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Grit and Grace

Grit & Grace became a reality in 1999 as a way of taking the oral history of Walton County, Florida and translating it to the stage in the form of a folk life production. The Walton County Board of County Commissioners declared Grit & Grace the Official Folk Life Production of Walton County, and their support helps to ensure our continued success. Through partnering with Walton County's Autumn Tides we have been able to reach larger audiences and continue to enhance our performances.

By providing performances of the history of Walton County, we've been able to bring positive change in our community. But the success we've enjoyed is not ours alone—it belongs to all of us who call Walton County, Florida home. We're pleased to share this report with you, and hope it will serve as a reminder of the true value of Grit & Grace.

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