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Gulf World Marine Institute

Gulf World Marine Institute manages the rehabilitation of stranded, sick or injured marine mammals and sea turtles. The institute also serves as an environmental educational leader. The Institute has rescued thousands of sick and debilitated marine animals since 1970. The Institute is considered one of the leading rehabilitation facilities in the National Marine Fisheries Services stranding network.

Gulf World Marine Institute responds and receives ‘cold-stunned’ turtles nationwide. The term ‘cold-stunned turtles’ refers to the hypothermic reaction that occurs when sea turtles are exposed to prolonged cold weather.  Turtles are brought to the Institute and placed in warm salt water to bring body temperatures back to normal. Each animal is thoroughly examined for injuries, measured, weighed, and tagged with a unique identification number. With the help of the U.S Coast Guard and the Navy, thousands of turtles have been returned to their natural habitat.

Aside from rescue and rehabilitation, Gulf World Marine Institute facilitates marine and oceanographic research impacting our environment.

The Gulf World Marine Institute is a non-profit organization working in tandem with its commercial partner, Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery.

Volunteers are always needed. To find out how you can become a volunteer, check out their website. If you love sea turtles, and want to help the Gulf World Marine Institute, you can symbolically adopt featured patients. Caring for animals in rehabilitation is expensive; every adoption will help support the treatment of patients at the Institute. 

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