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Justin Gaffrey Gallery

Justin Gaffrey is a self-taught, locally and nationally known artist who challenges himself and the norms of art on a regular basis while also pushing the boundary at any chance he gets. Justin’s home in Blue Mountain Beach includes the Justin Gaffrey Gallery where he displays his contemporary works, as well as acrylic pieces for loyal fans. The former chef and restaurateur built the home himself, proving his creativity knows no bounds.

Two inches of acrylic covers the floor in the room where Justin used to paint for the public, serving as a museum of sorts. He now works in a large private studio that warehouses multiple projects in various developmental stages, alongside a full metal and woodworking shop where he creates free-standing sculptural works and sculptural paintings. 

Gaffrey’s work is loose and expressive but underplayed with intense study and practice. His work can be an emotional landscape of his home in northwest Florida, to life-size human skeletons, exposing a confused and beautiful life. While Gaffrey is primarily known for his heavily textured style of stacking layers of paint onto the canvas with a palette knife, his work is constantly changing like a moving target, making it difficult to pinpoint any particular genre or theme of art.

Shop the Justin Gaffrey Gallery online at Scroll through Seascapes, Moonscapes, Florals, Sculptures, coveted 12 x 12 inch paintings and more. Purchase limited editions and learn about past and future exhibitions. You can even commission your very own Gaffrey.

Justin creates only original works and sells them through his gallery in Blue Mountain, located at 21 Blue Gulf Drive. Follow the gallery on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on events, art shows, and what Justin is working on now. For more information, please visit or call the gallery at 850-267-2022.

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