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Justin Gaffrey Gallery

What do Justin Gaffrey and Vincent van Gogh have in common? They were both deeply moved by sunflowers. In fact, Justin credits van Gogh’s Sunflowers with inspiring him to begin his artistic journey. A journey that has led him very much to the present.


It all began with Justin’s iconic Made by Hand pieces. Working exclusively with pure acrylic paints and using mostly a palette knife, he produces works of breathtaking beauty and complexity. His technique might best be described as “sculpting with paint.” Most works utilize colors that are extraordinarily vibrant, but he also produces wonderful soft palettes of muted tones, sometimes working entirely in white.


The pieces often reflect the natural serenity of South Walton and are widely collected throughout the United States. But as Justin moves deeper into his journey, his work is taking on a more meaningful approach.

Justin is now expressing himself through new mediums, namely metal, paint and string. The artist is teaching himself to draw with pencil, and has gone completely 180, working with flat paint instead of purely in acrylic. In his contemporary pieces, Justin seeks meaning first and is always intrigued by truth. Something that all artists-the good ones anyway-reveal in time.

His decision to move into the realm of contemporary art was simple. “I can’t stop it,” he says.

Justin’s home in Blue Mountain Beach includes a gallery where he displays his contemporary works, as well as acrylic pieces for loyal fans. The former chef and restaurateur built the home himself, proving his creativity knows no bounds.

Two inches of acrylic covers the floor in the room where Justin used to paint for the public, serving as a museum of sorts. He now works in a large private studio that warehouses multiple projects in various developmental stages, alongside his welding tools, and one sweet sound system.

Visit Justin Gaffrey Gallery Monday through Saturday in Blue Mountain Beach. Follow the gallery on Facebook to stay up to date on events, art shows, and what Justin is working on now. For more information, please visit www.justingaffrey.com or call the gallery at 850-267-2022. 

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