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Matt J

May 9, 2007
The Panama City Beach TDC reports to the Panama City Beach City Council.



Dec 15, 2011
I know where you stood Danny. Many of my personal friends endorsed you and yes, I did think it took some pretty big kahunas to come out and publicly oppose it. I didn't vote for Barnhill because he is a has been but I admired the guts it took to come out. We don't totally agree that it would not have been a BCC issue had it passed but at this point it isn't relevant.

Many of my friends and associates raised children in the Walton County School system as it has always been, as did I. For mine...the sky was the limit. Graduated with honors, top 15 in the class, summa cume laude, scholarships (several) and has been very successful. Others went on to work for the County, firefighters, EMT's, Sheriff's dept. IT Techs or those who run the computer systems for the County and their children are receiving the same education mine (ours) did. Still others with the same level of achievement (or higher) moved away, serving in our military or married to those who do or for better jobs.

I always told mine..."It's your education. Its my job to see to it you get the best this area offered and up to you to give 110 percent of yourself. What you do with it afterwards is entirely up to you". I still feel that way even when I see some of the biggest and brightest who graduated with mine that could have done anything they chose to do, strung out on crack, ICE, Meth other drugs & alcohol. I think to myself, I may have been tough on mine and demanded the best but I haven't had to watch mine choose that path.

Yes, I do think there is substantial room for improvement in our school system and yes I think the board and the SUPER (hired or elected, in this case still elected) need to be held accountable. I blame allot of the issues on a very passive board who wouldn't hold Ms. Anderson's feet to the fire but were quick to absolve themselves of any blame when the shi* hit the proverbial fan. I call it the "go along to get along" mentality and without public input and complacency on the part of parents we as a county don't really have anyone to blame but ourselves for people wanting to change things...but I also believe it's how you go about effecting change that endears people to new ideas.

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Hey bob , your selection decided to hide all the big $$$ till last day! Fraud!

Wait till you have explain' to do pal!

Pay $1500 to get $6700 is good business right?


Bob Wells

Beach Fanatic
Jul 25, 2008
John I will gladly answer you. I don't know whether it was an oversight, I don't know whether it was intentional. I have lived in Walton County almost 20 years and I think I know how the game is played in Federal, State and Local elections. It is what it is. In the end don't we all endorse a candidate who is going to best serve us whether the other side agrees with our choice. I know folks from the WCTA and people who voted Yes on the referendum and people from churches and firefighters who voted for Cecilia Jones. She has supported Firefighters issues in the past and we hope we can continue to work with her on our issues in the future. John in closing, I don't have any issue explaining, I have not run from our endorsement, I have not hid our support and I don't attack or jab at folks hiding behind a screen name so if you want to have a beer and discuss the issue I am more than open to it. Politics is a discussion I like to have, we may not agree but I am willing to agree to disagree and keep things on friendly terms.

Andy A

Beach Fanatic
Feb 28, 2007
Blue Mountain Beach
Andy, my new friendship with you is one of the best things that came out of this campaign. :)

I'm looking forward to some vigorous debate this fall regarding the November elections!

And I will be happy to oblige. Don't look for a lot of quotes or pap from the media as justification for my positions and opinions, however. Most of my stances will come from my backround and experiences. I have plenty of both. Once again, thank you for the very kind words.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
Was it that long ago? Wow!

Send in the clowns!

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