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Auburn Fan

Beach Lover
Oct 4, 2018
Best thing to do is ignore Lake View. Just wants attention. Does not warrant a reply if all he's got is immature inconsequential banter. All talk, no substance. Wait LV2 won't address a single fact or will reply with his inane banter or a goofy photo.

I see what you mean. His accusations are baseless and his reply is tasteless. Looks like he wants to be a real bully when he grows up.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
Well this has quickly turned into a :trainwreck:...
so much for having a "discussion" ...

Dave Rauschkolb

Beach Fanatic
Jul 13, 2005
Santa Rosa Beach
Bloviating? Seriously?

Is it really necessary to resort to an insult against Reggie, instead of just coming up with an honest, well-thought out, educated reply with sound facts and reason?

Meanwhile, there's a very current SERIOUS attack on the culture of our community, waged in social media by well orchestrated agitators, with devastating consequences.

One who enjoys using words like "bloviate" might appreciate a refresher of other word definitions:

"using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something"

"person who shoots from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range"

"the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another"

Yes. That very list of words strung together makes most of us uncomfortable. As it should everyone. And yet...

A local FLORIDA BEACHES FOR ALL member recently actually produced a VIOLENT SNIPER MURDER video, and just last week posted this disturbing video to a variety of social media platforms using a variety of social media accounts.

The video shows a male with a sniper rifle take aim and viciously shoot another male to death. A crowd of people is also included in the video. Possible portrayal of mass shooting? The video portrays a violent murder and the man dying , right on the beach, in front of Bud and Alley's restaurant.

And what motivated such a horrific video like this?

The large banner caption attached to the violent sniper murder video says:

“Private Beach Problem… Solved”

No wonder so many beachfront homeowners are truly scared.

FLORIDA BEACHES FOR ALL was founded last summer by David Rauschkolb.

This video currently has over 800 views. Over a dozen members have indicated their actual agreement and approval of the video posted online.

Oh, but it's just a video, not the real thing. Fun satire. Right? Fun?
Fun for whom? I can think of hundreds of families for whom that would not be funny at all.

Are we really so desensitized that a video like this is just "nothing"? much less amusing?

How DARE you try to diminish what's going on in our community by calling someone's calm, educated, respectful response to these issues mere "bloviating".

Many civilized people actually welcome this form of respectful discourse, compared to the heightened dramatic false narratives plastered on social media elsewhere. Many greatly appreciate that the moderators here have actually allowed true discourse to occur without the gross censorship that is occurring on other platforms. I for one am starting to have my eyes opened. Already several of the emotional taglines of last summer have proved to be so untrue. I'm personally re-evaluating. A lot.

That vicious video is being promoted as a celebrated solution to our very real, painful conflict from which our community is suffering.

Filmed on location. Just a few hundred feet from our own Seaside Neighborhood School.

Here in Walton County.

Where is the outrage?

Or is no one in the community speaking out because this kind of intense social media intimidation is actually working?

Is no one speaking up, just because we just don't want to bring ever more negativity into our conversations? Kumbaya.

Or are the locals thinking "If I speak out, they will send someone after me with camera and computer in attempt to make a viral YouTube video and make my life miserable"?

Is the outrage eclipsed by fear?

"If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid."
~Paulo Coelho

Fear not.

Now there is a lie. The person who posted the "shooter" video is not affiliated with Florida Beaches for All in any way. Characterizing that anyone of sound mind would approve of it as well as the leadership of Florida Beaches for all is a lie.

Reggie Gaskins

Beach Lover
Oct 4, 2018
Blue Mountain Beach
Thank you Jodi, you are correct. In review...
Pro property rights and long time 30A residents predict complete destruction of 30A lifestyle because of the CU noise and campaign. Either side winning ruins our peace.
We have submitted facts on Quiet Title, Current law, Private beach history, Taxation of beach property, and examples of deliberate sensationalism initiated by the CU leaders. We have provided evidence of of false reporting and violent advocacy by CU leadership members. And yet, These objective facts have been met with only emotion, diversion, opinion, and CU fake talking points. So, Jodi, in answering your request for discussion, Do you believe Quiet Titles to be a problem or cause of any beach privatization? Simple question.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
I believe that Quiet title has been used by some, not all, in a nefarious way in order to claim title to property they are not entitled to and to keep others from doing what their families have been doing for generations....enjoying the beach without fear of a militarized presence (police,sheriffs,armed security guards) showing up to remove them. When my children were young and we spent every available minute at the beach the only thing they had to worry about was jellyfish stings and dog flies. They respected peoples private property, they knew not to go on any ones walkover or to even think about trampling the dunes. But for the most part they just enjoyed playing in the soft sand that wasnt hot.


Beach Fanatic
Feb 9, 2017
Santa Rosa Beach
I believe that Quiet title has been used by some, not all, in a nefarious way in order to claim title to property they are not entitled to ...
jodiFL, many understand what you and non-beachfront owners believe but why do you believe it? What information do you base your conclusion? Just because we have done that way for years is not a valid legal criteria. The multiple custom criteria does not include the affect on the local economy.

Why do you think quiet title is a nefarious (defined as wicked, evil, or criminal) way in order to claim title to property they are not entitled to?

I think your first premise is that the property before quiet title was public property to start with. Patently false. Do you know for a fact it was public property before the judicial quiet title action? Lets take Blue Mountain Beach where CUers decry a celebrity property quiet title. I think because it’s easy and to get the most publicity for their misinformation.

Have you or Dave Rauschkolb, or attorney Daniel Uhlfelder seen the 1948 BMB Subdivision No. 1 plat? It’s public record. Quiet title is a court proceeding heard by a judge. Like CUnCourt Judge Green. You don’t just pay $600 like Dave Rauschkolb has claimed and you have a new title. Do you know who the judge was for the BMB quiet title action? One guess. Have you seen the owner’s quiet title court documents and evidence?

The BMB developer platted his private property and included “BEACH” seaward of individual parcels on the plat. Not Public BEACH. Not a dedication as public BEACH. The short version as I understand; the court determined that the developer's private BWB Subdivision No. 1 BEACH property is included in the landward property owner’s title. So the quiet title was from the private development owner to the private property parcel. NEVER was the BEACH public. Some BMB Subdivision No 1 owners have quieted their title and others have not. It is not automatic. The parcels that do not extend to the MHWL are is still BMB Subdivision No 1 private property.

If you agree that the BMB BEACH has always been private property would you agree that the private property owners have the right to exclusive enjoyment of their property unless FIRST a court determines that public customary use of private property is Constitutional and meets the multiple ancient English (not American) common law custom criteria? Can you explain the legal definition of ancient common law custom? What about the other criteria? If even one criterion is not proven; customary use of private property fails.

There are 26 miles of Walton beaches. About 50% or 13 miles or 68,640 feet and all 26 miles of beach foreshore seaward of the MHWL is available to the public (and BCC authorized vendors) Are you saying you can’t find a public beach or you just want the covenant private beaches the property owners have shared with you and the public over the decades?

If you think quiet title is nefarious and Walton BCC had legal grounds to stop or reverse quiet title, don’t you think Walton BCC would?

Thanks for sharing your belief but can you explain what justifies your belief? What is your belief based on? Facts? Law? Because Dave Rauschkolb, or Daniel Uhlfelder said so?
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