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Should driving on the beach be banned?

  1. yes

    51 vote(s)
  2. no

    33 vote(s)
  3. conditional (give conditions below)

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    I've lived in Walton County for nearly four years now...I don't own a 4 wheel drive vehicle nor do I own property, but my boyfriend does. Driving on the beach is something he has been able to do "forever" (he recalls driving down in Inlet Beach???) since he has lived here for 28 years. However, it seems that even when I visit my parents in Birmingham, I see Walton County Beach stickers on AL registered vehicles. Of course, since they own property here it works, but it seems that there should be more restriction than just owning property. It seems the "true" locals just keep losing more and more of what made me want to move here in the first place - the quaint, cozy, mom and pop feel of the area.

    To obtain a Beach Dog PermTo obtain a Beach Dog Permit you must meet the following requirements:

    You must be either:

    A property owner in Walton County, or

    A permanent, year-round resident of Walton County and furnish a valid Walton County voter's registration card or a valid driver's license with a verifiable Walton County street/911 address.

    Note: Proof of property ownership will be verified by the tax collector's employees at the time of application.​

    Perhaps implementing the required voter's registration card/FL driver's license with verifiable Walton County street/911 address would eliminate excess hoopla. Those already with permits who live out of state could be grandfathered...It is harder to get your dog on the beach that it is your vehicle...
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