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Beach Lover
Nov 18, 2004
Does anyone know how difficult the greys are to house train? Do they travel well and their attitude toward water as in lakes and gulf?

rolling dune

Beach Lover
Apr 24, 2008
blue mtn.
My personal greyhounds as well as the rescues traveled very well from here to Atl. They are used to being transported in the ugly dog catcher trucks so a nice soft a/c car or suv is a treat. They are let out of their cages at the track usually 3 times daily so they are really easily housebroken. Mine would wade in the gulf but no swimming. They would rather dig a hole and lie in the cool sand and just chill.


Beach Fanatic
Jan 14, 2008
They usually live a normal life span and don't suffer so much with allergies or other disorders that most breeds suffer from. For the most part they are healthy and go to GPA/EC for more information. They are the largest placement agency for Greyhounds in this general area. Stands for "Greyhound Pets of America of the Emerald Coast." Have our first Grey now and would not trade her for the world. Very easy to maintain and they are so loving and grateful to have someone to love them. From the get go she walked perfectly on a leash, had wonderful house manners and she was potty trained as well. However, I was cautioned that you should adopt from a foster home only (through GPA/EC) and not directly from the track. Remember, these dogs have never lived in a home with a family so they really should adjust to that first. GPA has several foster families that get Grey's right from the track. Also have a friend who adopted right from a track in Ala. somewhere and her dog got violently ill. Apparently the dog was on steroids and no one knew but the vet! That dog is a devoted pet now. Good luck and you will not be disappointed. Recommended reading before you adopt, "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies."
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