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Beach Fanatic
Jan 14, 2008
I own a Greyhound and have a few friends that do also. I find it hilarious Scooterbug that you do NOT believe that Greyhounds are inactive and make great apartment dogs. There is a reason they call them "40 mile an hour couch potatoes" and you won't find another breed that is so totally laid back and low maintenance. Come on folks, lets hear from some other Greyhound owners out there to set the record straight!


Beach Fanatic
Dec 5, 2004
Bluewater Bay, FL
My friend who had a pair always said they were about 98% couch potato, but every so often loved to go out in their (smallish fenced) backyard and tear it up in tight circles as fast as they could corner for what seemed like forever.


Beach Fanatic
Jan 21, 2008
Your friend who snuck you the dogs would have done better to inform the authorities IMO.

I saw one of the dogs (who will live) on the news last night and wanted to puke. Anyone who ever came within 200 feet of this dog or its fellow sufferers would immediately know something was wrong, so I find it VERY hard to believe the owners at Ebro and everyone else involved was truly unaware of the situation.

My guess is that many blind eyes were turned and these animals suffered horribly as a result.

I don't own greyhounds, but friends do and while they are lovely dogs I find the idea that they are inactive and good as apartment dogs hilarious. They are literally a blur as they do laps around the room or yard. :love:

i have owned a greyhound since march, 2005. i have taken her to bark park on a number of occasions, and all she does is one lap around the perimeter. she grazes on the grass the rest of the time. she sleeps 80% of the time, her choice. she has her moments when she gets excited and does what i call a "dance" but please do not confuse these dogs with labs or other dogs that needs tons of exercise. if you have the chance, go to the GPAEC website, our local greyhound rescue group, and learn more about these amazing animals. stereotyping them because they were "racers" only hurts their chances of adoption. we have a small house and large dog, and it works out just fine. it's really important not to spread misinformation about any breed. thanks.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
I'm not a vet, but in humans, over sleeping or extended periods of sleeping is usually a sign of depression.


Darlene is my middle name, not my nickname
Dec 20, 2004
Lacey's Spring, Alabama
IMHO, they probably are catching up on long lost sleep after spending long hours in cramped kennels, and are deprived of social contact. I am sure it isn't very quiet in these conditions.

They spend the majority of their lives in confinement-stacked in double -decker cages in warehouse-style kennels for up to twenty or more hours a day at the racetrack. The cages are just large enough for the dogs to stand in. Most of the enclosures are not heated or air-conditioned. The dogs suffer during severe weather temperatures.

I think they are pretty much over their depression when they find a home that will love them, care for them, and just let them be. Even if it does meaning sleeping most of the time. They deserve it after what they have been through in their young lives.


SoWal Insider
Mar 31, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Dogs are as different and unique as people. people are posting their experiences with the same breed of dog. Of course those experiences are different, because the Dogs were different, as were the people.

They are all different, just like us.

I sure hope dogs don't see people as their worst nighmare based on the actions of one person.


Beach Fanatic
Mar 27, 2005
Pt. Washington
Publicity of the bad kind is our best weapon against this type of abuse. Ebro park claims ignorance and no responsibility because the kennels were leased. Something is really fishy here and deserves some REAL investigation. Not just the perp that was arrested, the park as a whole should be turned inside out to untill we know the whole story. I just don't believe that this creep acted without anybody at the park knowing that something was amiss. My husband has spoken with the racing commision and the inspector. There excuse for lack of knowlege was "the door was locked". Pathetic! National coverage will bring well deserved heat to the industry in general, and Ebro in particular. Call the CNN news line at 404-827-1500.

My thoughts exactly, how could they have not known what was going on right under their stinking noses. I hope and pray they shut down the park.
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