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Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004
They are quickly building in Charlie's neighborhood, so the two houses may not look so out of place for long. I see one house, probably 3000sf, is now getting about 1800 additional sf.

Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004
pgurney said:
ng built to look like a cruise ship...looking from the beach side of it.

From 30A, it does favor a cruise ship, but from the beach, I think it looks more like an opera house. If you look through my photo album, somewhere in there are photos of the house from the beach.

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
I am also confused by the starter castle architecture of some homes down there. There is enough of that in the city, why would anyone want that on a beach? I find that the houses like that here in Dallas are always helped by some beautiful trees out front to hide the massiveness. I still wonder who needs 6-7,000 sq. ft. for a house?


Aug 11, 2005
TreeFrog said:
Am I the only one who thinks the house next to Hilton's (to the east) is way uglier? To my eyes, the one next door is tacky subdivision McMansion.

(No offense to current and past owners, your mileage may vary, no affiliation with architects and builders, etc. - all the standard disclaimers)

I wouldn't have said it first, but now that you have, I completely agree! It's not the house per se, but the not fitting into its landscape is what makes me grimace every time I see it. That house belongs in Mayfair, in London. It's a city house that needs depth and scale around it to make it shine. And tall trees! As it stands now, it's this oversized sore thumb that just juts out of the sand. Pity to do that to such a traditional home as that. It turns a classic design ugly.

That addition to the house down the street from it-- the one Smiling JOe mentioned--it's very ungainly and awkward looking to my eyes.

Count me among those who love the Hilton house even though the guy's an environment jerk. Odd for me, too, because I'm really not so much a fan of modern architecture as all that. I think the house is not well-sited, though. Like its awkward monstrosity of a neighbor, the land fights it, not enhances it.


Beach Fanatic
Oct 11, 2005
6 months later, and I still like the Hilton house way more than the neighbor.

I sure hope they open it up for a tour when they finish it. I'd love to see the inside. If not, maybe Kurt can talk them into letting him shoot it.


Beach Comber
Jun 20, 2006
We just saw the Hilton house on vacation. We thought it was Hilton as in Paris but found out Charlie Hilton is from Louisville (as are we). I think he owns a concrete company. Sorry I don't think you will be seeing Paris anytime soon.
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