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Alabama will beat Auburn. Auburn - Cam Newton = 0.

That's hard to say. I am always for Auburn unless it hurts Florida. The vets there take great care of our pets. Daughter always participated in Auburn basketball camps while in high school which helped her become a walk-on member of the MIT women's basketball team. Lots of fun memories from Florida/Auburn games there.

I also think UGA will win. It has to be a tribute to Larry Munson. Even though I was at the Florida/GA game when I heard "Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!" and I cringe every time I hear that, Munson was just awesome.

Of course, the Gameday guys say GT will win.
Horrible weather for hunting - the deer like the rain even less than the football fans!
Well, some of hubby's family members are hunting in WI. They vacation north of Madison. Why spend money to be colder? They haven't accepted our invitations to use our beach home. They don't like warm weather. They've never had a tan.

We don't get it. Hubby would never go back to the cold weather in Wisconsin.
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