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Jun 13, 2005
I personally would be happy to see a bunch of these "events" (both costly and free) just go away.

Folks who live in tourist areas used to live for the "quiet season." They happily put up with the frenzied tourist season knowing that at the end of the season, the quiet beauty of the area belonged just to them.

Now, in an effort to squeeze every last possible sheckle out of the economy, tourist towns around the nation have fallen into the "Fest Fest" mindset. Every single weekend during off-seasons there is some type of "fest" -- many times several-- to draw in the masses.

Business owners and realtors can fire when ready....but long-time residents of tourist areas don't need to be reminded of how they were able to survive and thrive --and thoroughly enjoy their private paradise-- before the "Fest Fest Era" was ushered in.
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