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Jan 10, 2013
On August 5th, the TDC is hosting another workshop from 6-8pm where the final easement language will be presented. The easement is being prepared for approval by the Walton County Board of County Commissioners in August. For more information regarding Walton County’s Beach Nourishment efforts, visit [h=4]Walton County Hurricane & Storm Damage Reduction Project[/h][h=6]Current Project Update - July 2014[/h]In June, the President signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act which included the Walton County Hurricane & Storm Damage Reduction Project, also known as the federal beach nourishment project. This completed the Feasibility Study phase and authorized the project for Construction. The next phase to be completed is the Preliminary Engineering and Design Phase that has been underway since late 2013. The Preliminary Engineering and Design Phase (PED) includes all of the steps necessary to prepare the project for the next phase- Construction. There are two major components of the PED Phase: [*]Project Engineering, Design and State Permitting by the Mobile District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [*]Securing Construction Easements by Walton County, through the Walton County TDC In addition, federal and non-federal funding will need to be secured prior to the construction of the project. Local funding will be provided through Tourist Occupancy Taxes (Bed Taxes) paid by short-term renters for lodging in Walton County. Project Engineering, Design and State Permitting In June, the Mobile District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) finalized the engineering and design of the project and submitted the state permit application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The project has five reaches totaling 18.8 miles and they are: Reach 1- The Western Walton County Project area (Okaloosa County Line to Topsail Hill State Preserve) Reach 2- From Stallworth Lake through Blue Mountain Beach Reach 3- Gulf Trace through western Grayton Beach Reach 4- WaterColor to Deer Lake State Park Reach 5- Seacrest to the Bay County Line Title Search and Construction Easements Walton County contracted with American Governmental Services (AGS) to perform title search services to identify property owners within the project reaches. AGS has completed all of the title search services. The next step is for the County, through the TDC, to pursue easements for construction of the project. Initial easement language was developed based on the model version provided by USACE- Mobile District. The language was presented to attendees of public workshops on December 3rd and February 4th, April 1st and June 3rd. Final revisions were made and a new version of the easement was made available on the project website below in late June. Please note that the easement for Reach 1 differs from the other reaches because it already has an Erosion Control Line established.
anyone attend the Beach Enforcement meeting last night??
I missed it but understand this morning they " talked " 90 minutes or so about Vendors. Got the feeling there may be be BIG changes for vendors,signs,wedding planners year. Understand one wedding planner was complaining all bad publicity was hurting future beach wedding bookings?...can anyone update what I heard...not saying my info is correct it's second hand...

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Vendors, weddings, bon fires, pig roasts, limbo under fire, etc., are destroying our area. This is not and should never be PCB.

Its my understanding that we have enough confusion from our Barny Fife-like law enforcement that there are no longer any property rights on the beach.

Why add to their theory and accept State or Federal funding, creating an argument for the tourons to take over our beach front property?

No one around here seems to have a clue. Its all about who takes away the most $$$ without getting nabbed in the process.

By the way, where is the Mean High Tide Line? B-)
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