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Beach Lover
Aug 6, 2005
For gulf shore manor, if it were a prize fight. The score is Frank Watson in round 7 is leading 7-0. Maybe county should out source this one. They are selling lots that are a part of law suit. Also sold his own lot that filled in creek (last lot north Santa Clara). He’s made an offer to county to pay clients off or will settle in court. Yet they let him do what he wants. ( Montigo access). Cross the state control line on beach. They also took Bramble Grove from former developers so they could build more houses, with no title. So in the end I say they will give them all they want, as long as they keep their illegally built parking lot. Notice that south San Juan (blue sign) is a private road, but county parking. Santa Clara county parking on gulf shore manor property, remember they get paid for every parking space each year. From my dealings with them they’re trying to keep their money from state and not pay lawyers for what they think is their’s. That is why Tony Anderson said he’s not allowed to talk at it.( no show tony).from what I hear the state pays 1,000 a year per this point any one who thanks I’m wrong go to Santa Clara north. End of road all white sand was filled in in 2018, which planning new and state stopped . Now pilings in creek and also permit for next lot past.
Wow. No offense but you might need a nap.

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Beach Lover
Jul 2, 2017
Explain how they can build in creek


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