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Apr 18, 2007
Oh no! I hope ok! Please keep us posted!
Traffic was backed up on 30A from Eastern Lake Nursery to the west. We walked over to see the blue lights. There was blood on 30A in front of the new condos to the east of Cocoon's. Apparently the child was coptered to Pensacola.

Some people standing next to us were saying, "Drivers are supposed to stop for pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. crossing 30A." I said, "YOU CAN'T DEPEND ON THAT. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO NEVER CROSS 30A UNLESS THEY MAKE EYE-CONTACT WITH THE DRIVERS AND THE DRIVERS WAVE THEM ON." A few minutes of waiting to cross the HIGHWAY (it *is* a highway) is better than being dead. Of course I don't blame the children, but these rules should be hammered into every child's head by his/her parents.
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Beach Lover
Jan 22, 2008
Oh boy this is terrible. I hope the child is OK. We have to be so careful both driving and crossing the highway....

Lisa Ruby

Beach Fanatic
Jul 12, 2005
So very sorry to hear of this accident and praying the child will be ok.

But I have to say, this has been a week when I'm very confused on the rules, and it's not just children, I was in WaterColor yesterday, and two women chose to walk in the road, in front of my car, when they had easy access to two lovely sidewalks on either side of the street??

Matt J

May 9, 2007
This is going to wake some people up. My understanding is that the vehicle was a Community Coffee truck.


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Sep 18, 2005
Walton Co.
There are bicycles everywhere this week, and apparently many with people who seem like they have never been on a bicycle nor crossed a road before. It is getting to be dangerous. Yesterday, I was in the back part of WaterColor and came across a group of 20+ kids on bikes, parked in the middle of the road. They would not move, and more kept crossing the road in front of the vehicle ahead of me. They seem to hug the center line and play chicken with on coming cars. The smaller kids on bikes have a tendency to look over their left shoulder when they hear a car coming behind them, and when they turn their head, the handlebars turn with them, pulling them into the center of the road. Be careful, both auto drivers and bicycle riders!

This morning, I was walking down the sidewald in Seagrove, just west of 395. A group of people were trying to repair a bicycle so I offered assistance and learned that the bicycle rider was ran off the road by a driver who was texting. The front fork of the bike was bent enough that it was inoperable.

Then, this afternoon, I, too came across the truck and bike in front of One Seagrove Place. I was about 30 cars back in stopped traffic. As I approached the scene, I could hear a group of kids who were leaving the scene saying something like, "and they were in the crosswalk, too."

There is a crosswalk near there, but the bicycle which was still in the road when I passed around the detour, was not near the crosswalk. Maybe the bike was pulled by the truck when they hit. I'm not sure. By the time I approached the scene, there were only two sheriff's deputy cars on scene, so I believe paramedics had already left the scene. A large delivery truck and bicycle were left in the west bound lane and a small SUV was somewhat still in the road in the east bound lane. I'm not sure which vehicle(s) were involved. One may have been assisting on the scene. As I left the scene, another Sheriff's deputy came by, and once on 395, a state trooper came flying by. Typically, state troopers only show up for investigation when something really bad happens. Anytime a truck and bicycle collide it is going to be serious. Let's hope for the best and remember to put on our thinking and awareness caps regardless if we are on foot, bicycle, low-speed vehicle or regular automobile. Brush up on the basic rules of the road if you don't know them. Don't ride your bicycles through cross walks. Get off and push, until you get to the other side.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
It's not just bicyclists. I've seen people hugging the road, kids who won't move one way or the other for a vehicle and seem oblivious, and kids hanging onto/around a vehicle parked on the bike path*.

This was all last night on my way home last night.

*The car was parked in front of the Seagrove party house for the week, it's two down from the Charlie Brown house if you're headed west.


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May 27, 2009
Blue Mtn Beach!!
Poor child, poor parents and poor driver! My heart goes out to all.

I have to say that on my bike ride from BMB to Seaside Saturday am I was SHOCKED at how many cyclists and walkers didn't follow common rules of courtesy and COMMON SENSE. It was like they were in lalaland (vacation) and thought that here on "Pleasure Island" cars would just "stop" magically! It was a reallllll wakeup call for yours truly (who is very paranoid and even wears her helmet ON THE PATH) to watch where I am driving and like someone said in a post above MAKE EYE CONTACT with each and every driver/biker/walker/runner etc... Take nothing for granted.

So sad it had to be an innocent child to somehow help hammer this into people's brains!

I hope we get good news soon!

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