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Beach Fanatic
Jan 21, 2005
Louisville KY
Bad behavior is everywhere. Back home (Louisville) our neighborhood allows golf carts. But there are the occasional incidents - riding on pedestrian trails, wrecking into a building, underage drivers. We did catch a underage driver going the wrong way. We followed them and they were stopped by someone who was part of the HOA. Luckily, the young driver was not a bad kid, and apologized. The owner's child was the passenger. Apparently, letters will be written and the golf carts can be confiscated.
Downtown, there are occasional issues of large groups of young people causing problems outside of festivals and in malls.
Some of the most obnoxious adults (other than visitors from an opposing team) we have ever seen was two or three years ago, here in Seaside. Five couples, two of them new Seaside homeowners. Here for the homeowners weekend. They arrived drunk and left drunk. Sheriff called multiple times daily/nightly - we fortunate not to hear that. We were subjected to their obnoxious behavior at the beach (thankfully we had a few days without them) & at B&A. They insisted on top shelf and I think Mo charged them huge amount of money!
We are here first time in Feb for a few days. We can check off Feb. Don't think we will be snow birds - can't get in the water. My cousins are snowbirds from NY so it's been fun to see them. We will be returning in May before schools are out - yeah, my husband doesn't teach anymore. And again in Sept.
If some of the family can work it out, we might be here in Aug also before school starts.
(I remember about 8 years ago, we were here for Spring Break - last time. We didn't see bad behavior, but it was really crowded everywhere. Several cars were torched :-( Apparently done to distract police? At least that's what someone told us.
Rain for a few days, but we'll watch some basketball, drive around and eat out.

beach angel

Beach Comber
Mar 2, 2009
thanks. wonder why kentucky, ohio, georgia, tennessee and texas aren't included? looks like all of the waves will be over by the end of the first week in april.


Beach Lover
Apr 14, 2009
I have heard through the grapevine that the Sheriff's has met with community association managers and told them of the curfews and rules that are to be enforced in SoWal this year. I would love to see the sheriff's office post a statement on here or somewhere so all of the business owners will know what to expect. Curfews in particular may affect business traffic and would help some with open hours and staffing.

And please don't anyone get me wrong....I WELCOME the tourist traffic. Without them I know I for one would not be here earning a living! My only concern or request is that the tourists respect the area and the businesses and not cause havoc or damage. Come in my place anytime! Shop, Dine, Spend!!!! Just remember your manners.
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