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Dec 15, 2011
I maybe wrong but I think getting three votes for a total ban isn't happening right now. I am not sure any restrictions can get three votes but I think it is worth a try.

I think a binding referendum would decide it quite succinctly.


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Jul 19, 2008
How many "ghost" setups do you think there are? If some one paid for it, it's not a ghost set whether they're sitting in it or not.
There do appear to be a lot of ghost sets.
Do you set up before and wait on a customer? Or set up after a customer requests and pays?


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Nov 16, 2010
Blue Mountain Beach
When Our Generation launched their Facebook page (which was probably a couple months ago, now) I received an invite to "like" the page. I posted on the page asking what the group's position was on Customary Use and received no reply. A week later I posted a follow up question asking why they hadn't responded. Both posts were then deleted by their page's administrator.

One might wonder why a group of concerned citizens would ignore, then delete, a polite question concerning what is far and away the single most contentious and polarizing issue of this election cycle. Their website makes no mention of the issue either.

I can't imagine a scenario where the challengers they're backing have not been "vetted" in terms of their Customary Use position, prior to the mailers being sent and the YouTube smear campaign being launched. Our Generation isn't going to spend that kind of money only to replace existing pro-customary use commissioners with new pro-customary use commissioners.

I think the name "our generation" is an attempt to appear as if they're a young, hip, grassroots, Bernie Sanders-esque, anti-establishment/incumbent movement. My guess is that they are most likely well-healed beachfront property-owning baby boomers trying to keep the plebeians off their lawns.
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