Art in the Park at WaterColor 2015 Photos

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The tenth year of Art In The Park in WaterColor brought a few changes. It's gotten bigger every year and was packed with people. The artist tents stretched from the beach club on the Gulf all the way north through Cerulean Park to Western Lake Drive.

The variety and quality of artists is top notch, and music from Boukou Groove on the street stage across from Wine World was funky excellent as it always is from one of our best bands.

Another change was the weather. I've been lucky enough to attend and photograph / video every Art In The Park, and it's always been a perfect Spring day - sunny in the seventies. Driving in from the north it looked like a tenth-year repeat, but the beach has been fogged in for a few days. So while the temperature was just right, WaterColor was misty and gray - but didn't seem a damper to the thousands attending.

After enjoying the festival, we took a stroll around Western Lake and over the bridges - one of the best things to do in SoWal - bumped even higher up the list if you happen to spot a gator. No gators this time but we did spy a bunny on the trail. Probably hiding eggs.


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