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Be Well at Salon Twist

August 3, 2015 by Audrey Johnson

A car accident is never a good thing, but life has a funny way of showing us opportunities, and they’re often hidden in some form of tragedy.

When a near fatal car accident left Gina Shiflett, owner of Salon Twist, temporarily paralyzed, her life took a major turn. Though she regained mobility within hours, Gina felt compelled to take a hard look at everything she thought she knew and make a change for the better.

A go-getter by nature, Gina humbled herself and accepted a friend's (third) invitation to recover at their Seagrove Beach vacation home. That’s when she got serious about her journey to wellness, a path that she continues down to this day.

After working for Van Michael, a top salon in Atlanta, and becoming Atlanta’s Best Men’s Hairdresser, Gina knew she had the skills and talent to open her own salon.



“I wanted to create something where people felt comfortable,” she says.

The lofty open space that houses Salon Twist is filled with natural light from large windows. Soft music and luxury aromatherapy candles set a tres chic mood that translates into a sense of calm.

Salon Twist opened to a full book of clients ten years ago with the intention of doing great hair and providing excellent service. And hard work pays off. For the past three years Salon Twist has been named one of Elle Magazine’s Top 100 salons in the country.

“Beauty begins with how you feel on the inside,” Gina says.

At Salon Twist, Gina implements her philosophy by centering consultations on wellness. She begins appointments by serving clients alkaline water, known for its ability to hydrate, fight free radicals, and boost the immune system, and she uses high-fashion, paraben-free hair care products from Oribe.



“My greatest passion when I’m not doing hair is yoga and studying with my guru,” Gina says.

Guru Sai Maa provides Gina with guidance on how to live from her highest potential. Likewise, Gina has practiced yoga for 10 years (find her at Balance Health Studio getting bendy).

“I really seek to be a better person every day of my life,” Gina says.

Gina has gained more fulfillment through her charity work than any award or accolade could ever bestow. And by giving selflessly to others, she has experienced incredible results. “I believe you have to give back to your community,” said Gina. Through active listening, Gina understands what her customers and community care about.

Gina has pampered mothers of children diagnosed with cancer, and raised funds for mosquito nets in Africa, an orphanage in Ukraine, and a portable library in Vietnam.

“When you talk about good things and you promote good things, opportunities come to you,” she says.



Visit Salon Twist on the curve in Seagrove at 4281 E Scenic 30A. Call (850) 231-7853 for appointments.


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Upon realizing that life is too short not to follow her dreams, Audrey moved to the beach and became a writer. SoWal’s pristine beaches inspire her to explore further, look deeper, and do better.

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