Big Daddy's Sets Gold Standard for Bicycle Sales, Rentals & Service

December 4, 2019 by Manny Chavez

There are lots of places that sell lots of bikes, but Big Daddy’s Bike Shop remains at the top of the hill.

They’ve been in business here in SoWal on Scenic 30A in Blue Mountain Beach at the top of the hill (literally and figuratively) for 21 years now for a reason: They simply have set the gold standard for bicycle sales, rentals, and maintenance.

With over 500 bikes available for rent and a showroom full of bikes for sale, they can match you up to hit the road on a beach cruiser, mountain bike, mountain bike hybrid, or electric bike. The most popular brands are Electra, Trek, Kona, Salsa and Benno.

As store manager Darcy Hall likes to put it, “We are a full-service bike shop that rents!”

Electric bikes have become quite the THING in SoWal for various reasons.

“We have an elderly customer (he’s in his 80”s) who had just about given up on biking (his knee problems kept him off the road) until he bought one of our electric bikes,” explains Darcy. “Now we see him on the trail all the time and he’s always smiling on his ride!”

Sales manager Kenny Gavin has really taken to the electric mode of bike transportation and is quick to point out that Big Daddy’s only sells and rents pedal-assisted e-bikes.

Kenny Gavin, Sales Manager, holds up popular Wah Wah Pedals with Store Manager Darcy Hall.

“Our bikes are not throttle-controlled,” emphasizes Kenny. We offer Electra, Trek, Kona and Benno—all pedal-assisted e-bikes that only kick in when you need it. With pedal-assistance, you still put in the work, but the Bosch or Shimano  mid-drive turbo sensors are just helping you along. Most have both an “Eco” or “Turbo” mode which you can easily switch into depending on the terrain or hill factor. With a throttle-controlled e-bike, you may as well be riding on a mophead since you can be NOT pedaling at all and still be moving! Not so with pedal-assist…no pedal, no assist. These e-bikes also stop assisting at 20 mph."

Michelle Phillips and Darcy with “security” dog Loki

With so many tourists visiting SoWal pretty much all year, families are happy to find that they can rent child trailers for kids 12 months old and up. Big Daddy’s also sells “little people” bikes for kids aged 3-7 years.

Bike repair and maintenance is a big part of the Big Daddy Bike Shop experience. They offer  free estimates and a full-service tune up is well worth the $80 fee. Big Daddy’s Rolling Repair Service offers repairs to folks who need bicycle maintenance but cannot get to the shop. There is a $25 transportation fee added to the repair charge. Although repairs are mostly done along the Scenic 30A area, the service extends from Miramar Beach to Rosemary Beach and north to Freeport.

Head Mechanic Judah Imhof with mechanics Chris Willman and Matt Welch

Long-time Big Daddy head mechanic Judah Imhof and three Trek, Bosch and Shimano-certified mechanics can handle pretty much ANY bike repair. They will also assist you with individual bike fitting so that you and your bike work as ONE.

Entering Big Daddy’s is a biker’s delight. Once you stop and pet (and no one can resist) shop dog “Loki”, there’s  SOOO much to see and touch and hopefully, buy! Accessories abound with cool bike bells, bike racks, car racks, indoor bicycle trainers,  phone holders, gloves, biking shorts and jerseys,  camelback hydro packs, baskets and monkey lights (lights to attach to your wheels for nighttime fun). Kona puts out a new Wah Wah Pedal that allows for more grip on your shoes without having to be clamped in. MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) helmets are available and are the latest in bike helmet safety.

Darcy  has got your biking jerseys and gives the Kinetic Bike Trainer a spin, using an interactive trainer app to simulate a very real riding experience.

Any product you can think of to keep your bicycle maintained can be found here. Orders can also be placed online should you want to place your order and pick up later.

Big Daddy’s continues to have fun on Tuesday afternoons (weather permitting) with their mountain bike ride through the Point Washington Forest. The ride at this time of year is in the DARK and leaves promptly from the Big Daddy parking lot at 5:30 p.m. Riders who need a bike must call ahead and will need to have a helmet and bike light to participate. All skill riders are welcome.

“We call this a ‘no drop ride’,” says Darcy, “which means we won’t leave anyone behind!”

Locals are fortunate to be able to take advantage of Big Daddy’s Free Park and Ride during January and February. Riders can park at Big Daddy’s, ride ALL day on a free (normally $20) single-speed beach cruiser rental bike and return to Big Daddy’s. Higher-end rentals can be used by paying the difference. Reservations are advised, especially for e-bikes. A local driver’s license must be provided.

With the Scenic 30A Alligator Lake bridge repair going on now, Darcy emphasizes that riders can still get from Hwy. 283 to Hwy 83 through the Point Washington State Forest.

As she put it, “DON’T LET THE BRIDGE  BREAK UP YOUR RIDE! We will provide you with a mountain bike and trail map to get you Eastward toward Seaside and beyond.”

For more information, call 850-622-1165. Address: 2217 W. Co. Hwy. 30A (just west of Hwy. 83 at the top of the Blue Mountain hill between For the Health of It and Blue Mountain Bakery -


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