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Brozinni Pizzeria Brings New York Style to Seagrove

May 13, 2015 by Manny Chavez

Word on the street is that there’s a new Pizza place in Seagrove. And sure enough, Brozinni Pizzeria has surfaced in the same location once occupied by Cocoon’s. Owners Kevin and Nicole McKee, along with partner David Goble, have opened what they refer to as a “New York-style” pizza place offering the Big Apple’s signature crust.

Kevin and Nicole own and operate Big Fish Bike Rentals and The Donut Hut in Seagrove Beach.  The duo teamed up with David Goble who just happens to own Avantec Ovens, a well-known high quality conveyer pizza oven company based in Des Plaines, Il. Having sold his ovens literally all over the country, Goble always tastes the product cooked in his ovens.

“When I tasted the pizza coming from my oven at the Brozinni Pizzeria in Indianapolis, I knew this was a special offering,” says Goble. “Their special dough just makes a big difference when cooked in the Avantac Oven. We are licensed to work with Brozinni’s in Indianapolis. When we deliver our pizza to the table here in Seagrove, we are delivering the Brozinni product.”



Shortly after meeting Kevin and Nicole, David convinced them to take a trip to the Brozinni Pizzeria in Indianapolis so that they could see the operation, taste the product, and make their decision as to whether to open in Seagrove. They were so impressed with what they saw and tasted that they felt confident that the Brozinni pizza would be a big hit in this market.

When the McKee’s first purchased Cocoon’s, they opened as Big Fish Bike Rentals and continued to offer some of Cocoon’s signature menu items. Today, the often-ordered Cocoon smoked tuna dip and breakfast offerings have been moved to their Donut Hut location just down the street next to Goatfeathers.



With the help of Goble, the new pizzeria is quickly becoming popular for their pizza by the slice which is pretty much a meal in itself. Of course, whole pizzas (16” and 20”), can be purchased as well. The specialty pizza menu offerings feature cool New Yorkish names such as the Park Avenue, the Broadway, Canal Street, the Madison Avenue, etc. These names translate to standard pizza fare (sausage, peperoni, ham, cheese, veggies, white pizza’s, grilled and marinated chicken, etc.) Customers can either order their pizza to go or eat at one of the comfortable tables inside. Several outdoor tables are available as well.

Customers entering the establishment will see the various offerings behind glass and pick their slice or slices according to their likes. Appetizers include Brozinni’s famous Knuckles (dough twisted, smothered and then baked in a dripping garlic). Calzones (cheese, ham and cheese, meatlovers, spinach, and Stromboli) are also catching on quickly. Salads and a soup of the day are also featured.

A Giant slice of pizza with a drink runs $4.99+tax. Their lunch special, a Giant slice with side salad, bread stick, and a drink goes for $7.99. Desserts include homemade brownies ($3.50) or key lime pie ($4.29). Drinks include a variety of sodas, water, or sweet tea. Brozinni menu offerings can also be delivered to customers ordering along the 30A corridor and nearby SoWal communities.

Although Brozinni’s has only been open for two months, they are happy with the traffic generated thus far. Spring break kept them busy and local word of mouth is spreading quickly.

Says Nicole, “We have locals who come in every day for their slice of pizza. We are seeing so many of the same faces and we love it. Our prices are very reasonable and a single slice (one of 6 slices from our 20” pizza) or our lunch special are lunchtime favorites.”

Brozinni’s Pizzeria and Big Fish Bike Rentals both operate out of the same building and seem to work seamlessly with the bike shop occupying a small part of the building. Most bike rentals are made either by phone or online and although bikes can be rented from this location, most are delivered to customers who are renting 30A properties.

Brozinni’s Pizzeria is a family friendly restaurant in Seagrove Beach open daily from 11-9 (summer hours they will be open later). Dine in, take out, or call for delivery to Scenic Hwy 30A and nearby South Walton areas. See the menu at brozinnipizza.com. Get social on Facebook.

Location: 4101 E. Cty. 30-A (across from One Seagrove Place). Phone: 850-231-4544.



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