Central Square Records Rocking New Owners

October 6, 2010 by Gina Moreland

Drumroll please! This Friday Night, October 8, Central Square Records (located above Sundog Books in the Seaside square) has a reason to celebrate – and YOU are invited!

Come join Jenny and Tom King as they share a very exciting event…new ownership! They have a great line up of things going on from 5:00 – 8:00, that you won’t want to miss!

For those of you who love Central Square Records just the way it is, don’t worry. The new owners are familiar faces and have been a governing force in Central Square Records since it opened originally in 2003.

The Kings' longtime friendship with Sundog Bookstore owner Bob White has made the transition easy. Bob’s wife, Linda, said of the Kings last week, “they have been running and managing the record store all along. They put a lot of work in to it and made it great. We are really good friends and very happy for them.”

Tom echoed these sentiments, saying, “It’s really not that big of a change, we have been like family. My wife, Jenny, manages the bookstore below and we’ve known Bob over 20 years. We’ve always been very close.”

As some things stay the same, like hours of operation and staff, the joy of calling Central Square Records their own means a few changes are in the works. Tom happily rattled off things they are looking forward to doing, such as increasing their kids' section and childrens' instruments, like the recent arrival of soprano ukuleles.

They are also working on expanding vinyl and turntables, as well as audio and accessories. In addition they hope to offer even more live performances, which has always been something they enjoy doing as an independent record store – supporting hot, new, and local artists.

When asked about the prospect of rearranging the space, Tom replied, “You know, it’s an odd space and always a work in progress. Now that we don’t have the bookstore, we will be able to do more with the space that we have."

They serve Jittery Joe’s Coffee, a micro roaster from Athens Georgia, and are known as a place where people can hang out and have coffee, get on line with free WiFi, and explore new music.”

The intimate, independent record store definitely has the kick-back feel, as is. Though a smaller store, they have amazing credentials. Over a year ago, Central Square Records was invited to be a part of a coalition of independent music stores, a very select group with only approximately 30 independent music store owners nationwide.

The coalition is invitation only, and extended to stores doing great things, filling a specific need in a region – a stand out! Tom said he had heard of the group, but was completely honored when invited in because it gives the store an edge to compete with big box stores (a reason Central Square offers things you may not find anywhere else.)

Tom explains, “each month the coalition chooses a handful of music to promote for the month. Hip stuff. Labels will throw us great free stuff to hand out like limited edition posters that go with a certain title and unique give-aways.”

In addition to the diverse goods from the coalition, Central Square Records always stocks necessities for local bands, vinyl, turntables and vintage.

“Lately,” Tom added, “used vinyl has been a hot item for us.”

The coalition isn’t the only source that determines the stock at Central Square Records. Tom shared that though he has always been into music, and a musician himself (from a musical family), he relies heavily on his customers to determine what’s on the shelf.

He explained that when he gets asked to special order something (which is something he is always happy to do), he will often double the order. Then, he has other customers exclaim, “I can’t believe you have this!”

“We have a lot of customers that are just spending time in the store, and they will turn us on to something, just like we may turn them onto somethin," He said. "Our collection here really reflects our customers, just as the bookstore has always done. Plus, our staff is awesome – everyone here has a different expertise.”

Central Square Records certainly has a lot to celebrate and celebrate they will…this Friday, October 8 from 5:00pm-8:00pm at 89 Central Square in Seaside.

Featured artist and illustrator Matt Pfahlert will be on hand to sign numbered prints. Pfahlert has designed concert posters for Band of Horses, They Might be Giants, and more. Plus, they’re going to be spinning a lot of great vinyl!  You won’t want to miss a beat as Central Square Records' new owners kick off making something great even better. That’s a wrap!

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