Digital Graffiti At Alys Beach May 13-14

April 25, 2022 by SoWal Staff

The 15th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival will be held over two nights, lighting up the streets, architecture, and pedestrian paths of Alys Beach on May 13-14, 2022.

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The 2022 awards include Best of Show ($5,000 prize), Curator’s Choice ($2,000 prize) and three Special Recognition honors (at $1,000 prize each), selected by the festival’s curator, John Colette, and esteemed panel of judges. The Alys Foundation has donated more than $200,000 in awards and artist stipends over the past 14 years, all to further digital work in the public realm.

The Scenic 30A community of Alys Beach, located along the northwest Florida coastline, provides the environment for the Digital Graffiti festival, the open-air, organic gallery for the projections of these original artworks. Staged against the elegant white walls of Alys Beach, Digital Graffiti provides a large-scale blank canvas for artists to explore the visual intersection of art and architecture. The engagement between the art, architecture, and audience is transformative, creating an immersive and interactive art projection experience that is entirely unique to the Digital Graffiti festival, named as one of the top “24 Unconventional Art Destinations Around the World” by National Geographic.

Friday May 13: Digital Graffiti opens with an adult-only (21+), all-inclusive food and beverage experience. Stroll the festival path, lined with art installations intermixed with festive food and beverage presentations from the best local and regional chefs, restaurants, winemakers, distilleries, and breweries. This evening will be a spectacle for the senses!

Saturday May 14: the finale of the 15th Annual Digital Graffiti event welcomes families and guests of all ages to experience the projection art installed along the festival path. Engage and interact with the artwork in the immersive festival experience, with food trucks and beverage stands positioned throughout the path with fun eats and drinks for purchase.

For more information about the festival, please visit Be sure to ‘like’ Digital Graffiti on Facebook and Digital Graffiti on Instagram for up-to-date information.

Digital Graffiti 2022  Artists and Finalists


Adriana Moya, Alex Campbell, Andy McKeown, August Bach, Bettina Müller, Border Williams, Carlos Vargas, Chandler Williams, Chris Cameron, Christina Georgieva, David Bennett, Eddie Lohmeyer, Eric Homan, Fumie Matters, Irene Mamiye, Isabel Clavo, Jeremy Newman, Jonah Allen, Kate Balsley, Katie Rolph and lo Ermoli, Katina Bitsicas, Keaton Fox and Renee Silva, Linda Loh, Luke Hildreth, mammasONico (Artist in Residence), Maria Fernandez, Michael Betancourt, Michael Burton, Nick Rands, Niko Tiainen, Peter Clark (Artist in Residence), Rocco Helmchen, Ruxandra Mitache, Shmody (Artist in Residence), Suiteru, Tracy Miller-Robbins, William Bullock, Xuan Zhang, Zachary Winter, Zlatko Cosic

Digital Graffiti 2022 Artists in Residence

We invite you to learn more about our Digital Graffiti Residency Artists for the 2022 festival. The works of artists, Peter Clark, Cody Samson ‘Shmody’ and mammasONica, will be featured throughout the Digital Graffiti route and we are eager to see their pieces come to life in Alys Beach.    
Peter Clark is a multi-media artist and commercial director with an emphasis on graphic design brought to life via experimental animation techniques. His work is largely influenced by a life of skateboarding and drumming, which gave birth to his audio alias Enternull. Clark is often involved in both the audio and visual production of his projects -- which vary between experimental animations, light-based installation art and title design packages. His career began in 2010 with an album cover design for Bassnectar, followed by several years of study at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He has been working as a freelance designer and director since 2014 with clients such as Fender Music, The Video Game Awards, Nike, Masterclass, Martin Garrix, and Nine Inch Nails. His visual approach often focuses on the process behind creation, attempting to use actions or materials as conceptual metaphors. By focusing on the errors often found in analog glitch or practical effects, Clark seeks to hint at the process behind the work and bring viewers closer to the act of making.
Cody Samson is an audio/visual artist with a focus in experimental video art. His work explores the depths of artificial intelligence, digital audio synthesis, and the interplay between digital and physical space. A Chicago native, Samson graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design's Motion Media department in 2017. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.   
mammasONica is a creative studio with a transmedial distinction based in sunny Sicily, Italy. Since 2007 they are focused on developing a personal tra-digital aesthetic that returns animation to cinematic projections in public spaces. Their aesthetics moves from A/V performances to luminous design, interactive installation, and new media theatre. As a creative studio they focus on sensitive environments, creating interactive and compelling storytelling, to develop a digital experience where involvement unfolds towards a collective and emotional participation. To fuel creative sparks on media research, they lecture on boards and workshops around several academic institutions and international festivals.

2022 Digital Graffiti Judges   
Ariel Adkins is curator of art, culture, and community for Twitter. In this role, Adkins works to elevate the voices of visual arts and creativity, particularly those of marginalized communities, on the social platform, with a mission to utilize the network’s technology to bring art to a broader audience. Adkins has worked with Twitter since 2013 and is credited with developing the Twitter and the Arts program. Adkins is also the founder of Artfully Awear, a line of apparel inspired by artwork of all genres, mediums, and eras, recreating artwork in a wearable form.   
John Colette is the 2022 Digital Graffiti Festival Curator and professor in the Motion Media Design program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a professor, Colette teaches within the program and contributes to program development and research project work with a focus on contextual research, exploration of digital ecosystems, UI / displays and User Experience for industry partners including Fossil Watches, Samsung, BMW Technology Office USA, Microsoft Studios and Adobe Systems. Colette’s personal work and research involves large public display systems, media control systems, interactivity and sonification projects.   
Marieanne Khoury-Vogt is a founding partner of Khoury Vogt Architects, alongside husband Erik Vogt. Together serving as Town Architects and residents of Alys Beach since 2003, Khoury-Vogt and Vogt have been responsible for designing much of the town’s public realm including streets, parks, pedestrian paths, greens, and civic architecture, shepherding the master-planning of DPZ CoDesign (Duany, Plater & Zyberk). Additionally, they have designed many homes and mixed-use buildings, all within the strict confines of a design code that governs the urban and architectural character of Alys Beach.   
Geoffrey Platt is a well-known media server and emerging digital media specialist in the real time video and effects industry, based in Orlando, Florida. Platt has helped create award-winning real-time video products for high profile manufacturers and for high-profile shows and events across industries including concerts, theatre, film, and location-based entertainment and television. Founder of “Ahead of the Curve” in 2020, a web-based TV show designed to share emerging technologies in the live and location-based entertainment markets through social media and virtual environments, Platt brings a wealth of knowledge in lighting and video workflows as they apply to the real time video and events industries.


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